Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Throughout the year, my law firm handles many serious motorcycle accidents, often resulting in catastrophic injuries.  Most of the times, the injuries are permanent and devastating.  Beginning tomorrow, May 1, 2008, the entire month has been dedicated by numerous organizations, non-profit and government agencies, as well as my law firm as being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  The purpose is to promote safe driving and recognition of motorcyclist on the roads. 

It has been my experience, that most motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who say “I didn’t see him or her.”  Since motorcycle are among the smallest vehicles on the road, often times, as drivers, we must exercise great caution when entering intersections and changing lanes.  We have to practice attentive driving and preventative driving skills.  This month, I will be participating in many of the safety programs and initiatives planned.  Please visit our firm website for other information about Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. 

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