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    Riverside is possibly the epicenter in Southern California for motorsport and motorcycle racing. Without a doubt, if you love riding on a track, you have probably spent plenty of time on a motorcycle on the pavement as well. No doubt, the winding hills of Riverside are inviting for a motorcyclist, and generally, the streets are safe. You might have occasional concerns about people opening doors on narrow streets, but the downtown area is wonderful to cruise through on a Sunday afternoon.

    However nice it is to ride through Riverside, there is always the risk that the worst could happen. That a motorcycle-blind driver could change lanes or surge forward and send you and your bike to the ground. Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers give victims the opportunity to hold the at-fault driver responsible.

    Motorcycle Laws and Safety Suggestions

    The only required gear is a U.S. DOT-compliant helmet. However, it’s highly recommended that motorcyclists wear protective equipment, including heavy pants, long sleeve jackets, gloves, and protective boots. Not wearing additional protective gear is a choice, but they can severely reduce the risk of some abrasion injuries.

    The California Department of motor vehicles allows residence to obtain a motorcycle license or a class M1 at the age of 16. There are some restrictions in having the proper insurance in place and using an instructional permit for a duration of time.

    Motorcycle laws do permit maneuvers such as lane splitting, which is something that many standard vehicle drivers believe is illegal. These maneuvers, when done at reasonable speeds within a flow of traffic, are generally safe and even supported by the CHP. However, many cite lane splitting and other maneuvers such as changing lanes as the cause of motorcycle crashes. They’re not accurate, because the trouble isn’t the lane splitting or changing lanes. The problem is that vehicle drivers don’t actively lookout for motorcycles.

    What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

    After any crash, you should go through the standard process of exchanging information and collecting evidence on your phone. Motorcyclists rarely have that luxury as they typically need immediate medical assistance and can’t remain at the scene. Given the situation, you’ll need to focus on your physical recovery more than anything else.

    The evidence that you’ll use for your claim will largely come from the police report filed for your crash. Additionally, you may not want to rush into contacting your insurance company. They’ll want to take a recorded statement right away, and your recollections of the crash may be fuzzy at best.

    When you’re ready to move forward with a claim, you should consider hiring a local Riverside motorcycle accident attorney and then taking your claim through your insurance company. That claim may resolve through settlement negotiations or go to court. Additionally, if the damages were extreme, you may choose to pursue a lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver.

    Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyers See These Common Motorcycle Injuries

    Almost all motorcycle accidents result in injuries. Some injuries are minor and require very little treatment. However, others can have you stuck in the hospital for weeks at a time

    Road Rash – Road rash is a type of friction burn that requires medical attention. Road traffic accidents make up 90% of documented friction burns, with the majority falling into the third-degree stage, which is the most serious type of friction burn.

    Amputation – Amputation within motorcycle accidents is not usually caused by complete detachment of the limb during the collision. Most amputations that result from crashes involve the limb becoming so damaged that it is beyond repair, and doctors decide the best course is to remove the limb.

    Brain Injury – Brain injuries are notorious among motorcycle victims. There is good cause for a fair amount of hope as about 84% of those with severe head injuries have a favorable outcome. However, 12% of brain injury victims resulted in death. Brain injuries range from a mild concussion to living the remainder of your life in a vegetative state. You’ll rely heavily on your medical team to work towards the best recovery possible.

    Spinal Injuries — Blunt force trauma the trajectory of the crash and many other elements can all play a role that leads to spinal injuries. The spine is comprised of the nerve system, vertebrate, and a series of discs. Damage to the nerves can lead to paraplegia, damage to the vertebra can lead to lifelong pain, and injury to a disc may result in chronic pain as well.

    Long-Term Effects of Motorcycle Accidents

    The long term effects of a motorcycle crash aren’t exclusively physical. Let me guess you may have mental trauma that prevents you from riding a motorcycle again or even getting into a standard vehicle. It may be difficult to resume your normal life, and that’s something to consider when you’re compiling your claim.

    Another factor that often comes up in the long term affects is your ability to return to work. If you have a combination of physical and mental trauma from the motorcycle crash, it may prevent you from going back to your line of work at all. In addition to the rehabilitation and medical support you are receiving, you may also need vocational rehabilitation to learn new skills to reenter the workforce.

    Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Offer Support

    Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers provide a type of support that you can’t get from close friends and family. We help you navigate the unknown territory of filing a legal claim and lawsuit. Not only will you have someone be able to argue on your behalf for a reasonable and fair settlement, but also someone to build a strong case and show your evidence in the best light possible.

    Calling TorkLaw can change how you approach your claim and manage the resolution process. Our attorneys are enthusiastic about ensuring that you have the best chance possible for full compensation.

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