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Injury & Accident Related Articles

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Uninsured motorist lawyers

What If I Was Uninsured in an Accident?

If you get in an accident with another driver who was uninsured, then things will likely be rough for you. You will be unable to collect any damages from the other driver’s insurance, and this is where uninsured motorist (UM) coverage will come in. We’ve already...

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The Different Types of Settlements

Different Types of Settlements

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are seeking monetary damages for some harm that another party has caused you. These damages can be awarded by a court judgment, although in practice most cases are concluded with a settlement before going to trial. When you...

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TorkLaw 4th of July Celebration

TorkLaw Celebration On the 4th of July

Wishing you and your family a fun and safe 4th of July. We are so grateful for the country that we live in, and the many communities that we serve! From all of us at [torklocal], we want to wish you a happy independence day. If you happen...

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Injured man with vape after explosion

Exploding Vape Accident Attorney

Vaping has exploded onto the scene in recent years… but the vapes themselves are sometimes exploding all too literally, as well. These explosions been occurring for several years, but have attracted renewed attention lately due to the death of a man. So, what do we make...

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Rover Dog Walking

Rover Dog Bite Accident Attorney

What Uber and Lyft are to ridesharing, and Airbnb is to lodging, is to dog walking and pet sitting. Rover is a website which allows individuals in need of pet care services to connect with people in their area willing to provide that service. The...

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