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Good attorney and bad attorney comparison
As anyone who has had any hands-on experience with the law can tell you, the relationship between an attorney and client is rarely a simple or straightforward one in practice.Both parties in the attorney-client relationship share the common goal of winning a particular case. However, there are all sorts of complications that can arise between clients and attorneys, and while many of these complications can be resolved, in some cases they are insurmountable.If you are ... read more >>

Anyone who is involved in a major car accident will most likely have to deal with a tow truck.You might be able to drive home from a smaller accident, but if your vehicle is totaled or severely damaged, then you will probably have to get a towing company involved, which can come with all sorts of unforeseen complications.Maybe you think that towing is straightforward. Okay, you probably don’t. But even so, you probably still don’t ... read more >>

In our last article, we wrote about the SR-1 form, which every driver must file with the DMV after they have been in an accident in California leading to death, injury, or significant (over $1,000) property damage.In this article, we’re going to talk about another important DMV form: the SR-19C, also known as a Financial Responsibility Information Request, which must also be filed with the DMV in cases involving uninsured motorists.You may file an SR-19C ... read more >>

How do you put a monetary price on something like the sexual assault of an elderly woman?That is what members of the Dallas community are asking themselves, after a nurse at Modern Senior Living was accused of trying to rape one of the residents in the early hours of the morning.Timothy Nwokorie, a licensed nurse, is alleged to have snuck into the room of one of the elderly residents and tried to force himself on ... read more >>

view from motocycle goprop
Motorcyclists on California roads have been lane-splitting for decades, but all this time, the state government has never taken an explicit stand for or against the practice…...until last year, when Sacramento finally decided to address the issue head-on.Assembly Bill 51, which came into effect earlier this year, formally legalized lane-splitting in California. However, there is still no consistent set of standards for the practice, and many questions remain.What Is Lane-Splitting? Lane-splitting is the practice by which ... read more >>

If you have recently been in a car accident in the state of California, then there is something important that you should know.You are required by law to fill out an SR-1 form with the DMV within ten days of a major accident.This requirement applies to you whether or not you were at fault in the accident. It applies to you whether or not you had the proper auto insurance, and whether or not your ... read more >>

We’ve written a fair amount about elder abuse this month, and very little of it has been uplifting. Despite the best efforts of state and federal authorities, elder abuse remains a severe, pervasive, and often underreported problem throughout the United States.So we’d like to end the month on a more positive note, and talk a bit about what some people are doing to address the problem.The Georgia state government has recently taken several tangible steps ... read more >>

Police Officer with Report
If you have been in an accident where there was only minor damage, then the police will likely not respond to the scene of the accident. Police departments just don’t have the resources to send an officer to every fender bender. There will be no police report, although you will still have to file a report with the DMV within ten days, notifying them that a collision occurred.If the accident resulted in injury or death, ... read more >>

Does chronic understaffing and failing to meet the basic needs of residents who pay thousands of dollars in monthly fees constitute nursing home abuse in San Francisco?Recently, a Santa Rosa nursing home was named in a class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of San Francisco.The lawsuit, which was filed against the Brookdale Fountaingrove facility in Santa Rosa, a subsidiary of Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., alleges that the nursing home engaged in a ... read more >>

Harris County commissioners plan to add a new multi-agency initiative to coordinate on nursing home abuse.In April, commissioners for Harris County received the final green light for the Senior Justice Assessment Center.The Senior Justice Assessment Center is a proposed initiative which would allow multiple agencies in the greater Houston area to work together on addressing and prosecuting cases of elder abuse. It brings together a wide variety of parties, including city police, the Sheriff’s Office, ... read more >>

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