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On Wednesday April 27, 2016, 39-year-old Jose Antonio Resendez was tragically killed in a bicycle accident near his home in South El Monte.  Jose is survived by his mother and four siblings. The Torkzadeh Law Firm is representing the family. We are currently helping raise funds to pay for Jose's memorial and funeral costs.  During these difficult times, any amount will help the family.  Please use the link below or click here.  All contributions will go directly ... read more >>

ralph nader
Recently, Ralph Nader penned an incredibly insightful article for Harper's Magazine regarding the idea of tort reform and how it relates to the justice system as a whole. We have a tremendous respect for Nader, and also feel strongly about tort reform and how it is a danger to justice in America.  It's not often enough that we see people speaking out loudly against tort reform we were quite pleased to see what he had to say on the topic.  Too ... read more >>

Terri Schmidt
Authorities have identified 53 year old Terri Schmidt as the victim of Friday's fatal limo crash on I-90 near Elgin. Schmidt and five other passengers were on their way to O'Hare Airport from the Madison area, when the limousine carrying them hit a construction barrier, flipping over and catching on fire. Authorities still are unclear as to what caused the limo to strike the barrier, and have not as of yet charged the driver with any citation. The driver, 20 year old Aaron ... read more >>

police reports
Usually, police reports are one of the first things to get taken care of after most accidents. They're an important record of an accident, yet there's a lot people don't know about them. Knowing how to read a police report and what they're actually used for can make a huge difference in your case. 5. It's Not Admissible As Evidence In a Trial As counterintuitive as that sounds, they really aren't evidence. A police report is just what it sounds like, a report from the ... read more >>

Dorrian Wyatt
Coroners have named 21 year old Dorrian Wyatt of Ladera Ranch as the victim of a fatal crash outside of San Juan Capistrano last week. Near 2:30 am on Friday, Wyatt was driving her Honda Civic near Shadetree Lane, when she was struck by a big rig, trapping her inside her car. Crews found her Civic pinned under the trailer, and were unable to save her -- pronouncing Wyatt dead on the scene.  Authorities have not determined the cause of the crash. The ... read more >>

Locals are mourning the loss of Charles James Lovell, following his death in a multi-vehicle crash Monday evening. Lovell was riding his motorcycle west at the intersection of Main Street and Timberland Avenue in Hesperia when he was struck by a Kia Optima traveling southbound through the intersection. Lovell was thrown from his motorcycle, landing on the driveway of a nearby residence. The Kia then struck a second vehicle, a Toyota Camry. Both the drivers of the Kia and Toyota were treated for pain ... read more >>

Jason Hearty
Early Monday morning, cyclist Jason Hearty was traveling along Route 40 outside of St. Elmo when he was struck from behind by a westbound vehicle. Following the accident, the driver fled the scene, leaving Hearty on the side of the road. When authorities responded, they pronounced Hearty dead at the scene.  According to reports, Illinois State Police have identified the driver as 31 year old Kevin Bagwell. When found, Bagwell will be facing charges of failure to report an accident to police, ... read more >>

Jamie Espinoza
An entire family is trying to recover after a crash took the lives of 10 year old Jamie Espinoza and her grandmother, Angelita Espinosa. Some time after 10 pm on Saturday night, a Ford Edge driven by Cheyenne Wyllie, 25 ran stop sign and broadsided a Honda Pilot driven by George Espinosa Jr. -- carrying four passengers. Following the crash, Wyllie was tested and had a blood alcohol content of 2.2, which is almost three times the legal limit. George and Charlotte Espinosa were taken ... read more >>

Dennis Craddock
A speeding semi trailer caused a frightening chain-reaction crash in Yorkville, IL on Friday, seriously injuring local residents Dennis J. Craddock, 31 of Middleton and 19 year old, Jakob Price. The semi, driven by 24 year old Michael D. Janes failed to stop at a Route 47 intersection where Craddock's Nissan pickup was stopped. Janes rear-ended the Nissan with such force that it spun into Price's Volkswagen Golf coming from the opposite direction. Following that collision, Janes lost control of the semi, causing it to ... read more >>

text and drive
You are four times more likely to get in a serious accident when you text and drive. There's nothing so important that it can't wait until you are in a safe place. This is a national public safety epidemic, which is why we are bringing back our Don't Be A Dummy campaign, encouraging everyone to take the pledge to stop distracted driving. We're giving out free Don't Text And Drive wristbands to everyone who takes the pledge against distracted driving.  All ... read more >>


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