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A man was airlifted after being injured in a rental truck accident in which the driver of a moving company was killed, leaving one to wonder who’s responsible.  For a pair of men riding in a truck in Victorville this past Mother’s Day, things did not go well. The truck was a moving truck, the property of Moving Stars, Inc. It was being driven by Kevin Bussey, 45 on the southbound Interstate 15 when it smashed through ... read more >>

orange county motorcycle lawyer
A driver of a motorcycle was hospitalized in Atlanta when he struck a bump on the highway and was launched into the air.  We’re all familiar with one type of auto accident: the type where one or more vehicles crash as a result of the negligence of at least one of the drivers involved. When you think “car accident,” this is probably the sort of accident that springs to mind. This category of accidents encompasses a ... read more >>

Victor Gallegos Whittier
Uber is being sued in Dallas by a woman who was paralyzed in an accident involving one of their drivers.  A lawsuit filed recently in Texas is raising big questions about how much responsibility Uber should be legally required to take for its drivers’ actions. The lawsuit was filed by Sarah Milburn, 24, who suffered devastating injuries after taking an Uber ride home from a night out in uptown Dallas. The Uber ran a red light and ... read more >>

All drivers are at risk for accidents on the road...BUT UBER drivers face a unique set of challenges that make them especially accident-prone.UBER drivers – whether part-time or full-time – are working long hours every day, often late into the night, and regularly traveling to new and unfamiliar areas, all with the added pressures of tight deadlines and customer satisfaction. All of these factors combine to make a difficult and often dangerous driving environment.Unfortunately, when ... read more >>

4th of July in Orange County
As the Fourth of July holiday rolls around again, we can expect many Americans to partake in the age-old tradition of setting off fireworks. Fourth of July fireworks date back over 200 years, to the very first Independence Day celebrations in 1777. However, like many American traditions, fireworks can trace their roots back to a country far, far away from the United States. The very first crude pyrotechnics were invented in Asia around 2,000 years ... read more >>

10 Most Dangerous Roads Orange County
Drivers on Orange County roads face a unique set of challenges. In this decentralized suburban county, cars are a necessary part of everyday life, and this lifestyle comes with its own set of risks.Across the country, California drivers are infamous for their rough-and-ready attitude towards driving, and Orange County drivers are no exception. As any street-smart California driver can tell you, speed limits are enforced (and followed) inconsistently at best.The roads themselves are often filled ... read more >>

Gold Gate Bridge in San Francisco
The city and county of San Francisco have filed a complaint against several entities after one of their employees was injured by an individual. The suit was filed against Eric Holland, among other entities, regarding an incident which occurred on April 10, 2015. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that Brian Tanabe, a city employee, suffered intentional battery at the hands of Eric Holland in the 2015 incident.As a result of the incident, the plaintiffs, Tanabe’s ... read more >>

United Airlines worker
If a businessman is on a work trip only to be dragged off a plane and personally injured in a Chicago airport, can he sue his company for workers’ compensation? It was the case that shocked the nation: an elderly doctor dragged off a United Airlines flight at O’Hare airport by private security. Dr. David Dao, 69, refused to give up his overbooked seat to an airline employee, claiming that he had to be home the ... read more >>

Roger Hedgecock
A damaged sidewalk in San Diego caused the woman to fall, which ruptured her breast implants and required surgery. In the 1980s, Roger Hedgecock was mayor of San Diego. Soon, however, he may find himself on the opposite side of a courtroom from the city he once led.That’s because of a fall which Hedgecock’s wife Cynthia took on a damaged San Diego sidewalk two years ago, in July of 2015. After falling forward onto the ground, ... read more >>

Atlanta injury accident
Personal injuries can occur at any time and without warning. Just ask the family of a boy who died while dining in Atlanta. Only a few weeks ago, a family’s trip to Atlanta ended in a nightmare. The North Carolina family was eating lunch in the Sun Dial, a rotating restaurant atop a skyscraper in downtown Atlanta, when their five-year-old son, Charlie Holt, wandered away from the family. Tragically, young Charlie became trapped between the restaurant’s ... read more >>

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