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When a client gets involved in an accident or is injured, they call upon experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for representation. In the state of California, Los Angeles is the largest city, spanning 503 miles. Located in Los Angeles County, the city of Los Angeles is home to 4,015,936 people. With a population of this size, the potential for accidents and injuries exist. For potential personal injury clients in the Los Angeles area, the professionals at TorkLaw are waiting to consult on cases.

Areas of Personal Injury Practice

When a client files a personal injury claim, they may hear it referred to with different legal jargon. Lawyers who practice personal injury may call these types of claims a tort. A tort is a wrongful act in which injury occurs and may be intentional or accidental. Clients who feel as though someone is liable, or responsible, for causing them damage, it is possible that they could receive compensation for the wrongful act.

For the convenience of personal injury clients, the Los Angeles Offices of TorkLaw cover a wide range of personal injury or tort claims.

The purpose of hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is to help prove negligence on the part of the defendant. Negligence is failing to use a level of care that would be considered standard under the same circumstances. If liability can be proven, the courts award clients compensation for the claim.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Costs

When working with a personal injury lawyer, most of the fees will be scheduled on a contingency basis. A contingency fee means that the lawyer will represent the client, but their fees will be collected out of the settlement or the amount the court awards the client from the lawsuit.

The amount of the contingency fee is usually assigned a percentage specified within the contract with the lawyer. These percentages can range between 20% to 45%, although a more accurate range would be approximately 33% to 45%. In most circumstances, clients will sign a contingency contract or fee agreement with their chosen lawyer for their case.

When reviewing a contingency contract or fee agreement with a personal injury attorney, see that all fees are included. Sometimes disbursements may be billed after the claim has been settled, which is an extra amount out of the awarded compensation amount. These are often amounts incurred by the lawyer before winning your case. Items such as medical experts, investigators, photocopying charges, and court fees are considered disbursements.

The Consultation

As much as a personal injury lawyer wants to be able to take on every case that gets presented to them, they can’t accommodate every case. TorkLaw offers a free case consultation to review the circumstances revolving around the personal injury lawsuit that you want to file.

TorkLaw offers multiple guides and resources to help with your case consultation. Take a minute to review these types of guides and resources, especially ACCIDENTS HAPPEN: A CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO THE PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH SYSTEM written by TorkLaw founder and personal injury attorney Reza Torkzadeh, Esq., with Allen P. Wilkinson, Esq.

The book offers wisdom that the authors gained from handling thousands of personal injury cases throughout their careers. Mr. Torkzadeh and Mr. Wilkinson arm their potential clients with the tools they need to make effective decisions regarding every case that falls under the umbrella of personal injury or tort claims.

Examples of Personal Injury Claim Outcomes

Personal injury cases can end up getting settled outside of a Los Angeles courtroom, or it can go to trial. When a case gets settled, it means the defendant admitted guilt, and an amount was agreed upon by both parties for compensation. If the case goes to court, it will be the judge or a jury that decides on guilt and compensation for the personal injury claim.


The amount of a settlement payout can range depending on the type of injury or damages sustained during the negligent incident. Some of TorkLaw’s settlement wins have ranged from amounts like $14,250,000 for personal injury sustained from a defective medical device to $575,000 in a bicycle accident. Sometimes these amounts are capped by an insurance policy limit. When this occurs, there is a maximum that can be awarded to the plaintiff.


Personal injury case trials can be brought before a judge for judgment, or in front of a jury for a verdict. In both circumstances, the legal counsels for both sides of the issue will present their cases, bring in witnesses, and rest on their claims.

After a decision has been made, the judge or the jury will deliver their judgment or verdict. TorkLaw has handled cases like this and received jury verdicts that compensated their client $26,200,000 for a pedestrian accident and a judgment for an auto accident for $12,000,000.

Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Even though the outcomes of every personal injury case can be different, TorkLaw’s Los Angeles Law Office fights for its clients. Personal injury doesn’t just cause physical damage. These injuries can cause mental, emotional, and monetary damages that change the course of a client’s life.

Handling a personal injury case in Los Angeles can be a sensitive situation, depending on the circumstances. From car accidents to wrongful death suits brought forth against negligent parties, the Los Angeles clients of TorkLaw are offered the full attention of experts on personal injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered physical, mental, emotional, or monetary damages from the negligence of another person or entity, the Los Angeles Offices of TorkLaw want to hear your case for consultation. You can call our Potential Client and Case Consultation line toll-free at 888-845-9696 to speak to a personal injury specialist.

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