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    Car accidents happen even when trying to avoid them. Los Angeles car accident lawyers handle cases everyday stemming from car accidents. These accident cases can range from a fender bender with minor injuries to a totaled car and fatalities. No matter the severity of the accident, when you get injured in an accident, the Los Angeles law offices of TorkLaw are ready to consult with you about your case.

    Most Common Causes of Los Angeles Car Accidents

    An accident at any age can be frightening. From drivers who just got their permits to those who have driven 50 years, accidents do not show partiality toward one over the other. The city of Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States. There are many people with vehicles in one geographical location, increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring.

    Drinking and Driving

    One of the reminders sent out every year by the Los Angeles Police Department is statistics showing that drunk driving is the leading cause of death among the teenage population. Drunk driving is not something that just pops up in teenage populations, and it can occur at any age. People are affected by the effects of drunk driving almost daily across Los Angeles.

    Drugged Driving

    Often found in conjunction with alcohol, drugged driving causes problems on the road. Accidents can be caused by those who are drugged or high while driving. The role of marijuana in the blood during an accident has not been determined. Those who were high during accidents were found to have higher levels of THC in their blood after the accident. The use of marijuana can cause impaired judgment, motor coordination, and reaction times.

    Traffic and Congestion

    Los Angeles residents spend an average of 128 hours stuck in traffic every year. That is the equivalent of taking a little over a three-week vacation from work if a regular work schedule is 40 hours a week. Having this many cars in high-stress situations can cause frustration and accidents along the way. Los Angeles is ranked fifth for the worst traffic in the United States.

    Smartphones and Distracted Driving

    Drivers can be distracted by any number of things while they are driving. The kids yelling in the backseat, missing their turn, or an urgent phone call that must be taken, no matter what the reason, distractions are all around. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as anything that takes your attention off the road making the trip less safe.

    Smartphones have become such a hazard to driving that the California State Transportation Agency has added caution into their preface in the California Driver’s Handbook. The CSTA reminds those driving to remain safe and put away their smartphones.

    What To Do if Involved in a Los Angeles Car Accident

    TorkLaw offers an infographic on what clients and potential clients should and should not do after a car accident. A lot of the people who are in a car accident don’t know what they should do, and often cases become harder when seeking compensation.

    Things that should be done at the scene of a car accident:

    • Check on everyone involved to see if they are okay. If possible, move the vehicles to the side of the roadway. Take care of anyone who requires medical attention. Call 911 to get the police and medical attention to the scene.
    • Report the accident to the police. Have an accident report completed.
    • Gather evidence. Take multiple photos of the scene, get insurance information from the other party, and make notes on what happened leading up and during the accident.
    • Have your car towed by a company of your choice to a safe location chosen by you.

    Things you should not do at the scene of an accident:

    • Do not admit guilt by saying things like “I’m sorry” or “my fault”. Be calm at the scene of the accident.
    • Do not decline to have paramedics at the scene looking you over. You should allow them to do so even if you think you are fine.
    • Do not leave the scene of the accident without making your statement to the police. Do make sure to ask for the contact information and police report number.

    After an accident, make sure nothing is agreed upon, and no statement is made to the insurance companies or their representative without personal legal representation. Call TorkLaw for a free case consultation in Los Angeles at 888.845.9696.

    Connecting with a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

    There are thousands of car accident lawyers in the greater Los Angeles area. The idea is to find one that will take an interest in the car accident case, not just the amount of money that may be awarded for injuries.

    Most of the personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles work on contingency, which means they do not bill you until they win the case. As a part of a contract, a fee agreement will be issued. Make sure that included within the contingency plan are allotments for disbursements. Disbursements are the fees that are outside of standard legal fees.

    Look for results. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will have an impeccable track record at winning personal injury lawsuits. There will be reviews online to verify all of this information and should be easily accessible.

    Look for these things in a car accident lawyer:

    • Knowledge in the area of the claim that needs to be filed
    • Experience and results to back up the knowledge
    • Excellent reviews from past and present clientele
    • A fee schedule that is easy to understand
    • The office is professional
    • They care about the cases they represent

    Professionals That Care About You and Your Case

    If you are in the Los Angeles area and you are looking for a leading legal team in car accident cases, look no further than TorkLaw. The professionals at our Los Angeles offices are ready to review your case and give you a free consultation. We know what it takes to win your personal injury case that results from a car accident. Before you try to handle the insurance companies on your own, call TorkLaw for your consultation.

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