10 Most Dangerous Roads Orange County
Drivers on Orange County roads face a unique set of challenges. In this decentralized suburban county, cars are a necessary part of everyday life, and this lifestyle comes with its own set of risks.Across the country, California drivers are infamous for their rough-and-ready attitude towards driving, and Orange County drivers are no exception. As any street-smart California driver can tell you, speed limits are enforced (and followed) inconsistently at best.The roads themselves are often filled ... read more >>

Pokémon Go Causing Accidents and Injuries
There is no doubt that the times we are living in, are presenting us with new and unexpected challenges to public safety. Case in point is the recently released and wildly popular augmented reality game – Pokémon Go. Combining the Pokémon characters with a mobile phone's GPS capabilities, Pokémon Go provides players with an interactive gaming experience where the digital and physical worlds meet. Utilizing the phone's camera, the player sees Pokémon characters overlaying the physical ... read more >>

frivolous lawsuit
Everyone has a story they've heard about a frivolous lawsuit that proves to them how "sue happy" people have become. While it's true that some people bring pretty ridiculous lawsuits to court, most of the time the stories you hear don't tell the whole story.Frivolous lawsuits like these are discussed in the forthcoming second edition of our book 'Accidents Happen.' You can download your free copy here. 5. The "McDonald's Coffee Lady" Was Literally Maimed And Only Asked For ... read more >>

In the case of a bicycle accident, it's not always as cut-and-dry as one would think.We came across this video of a cycling accident that took place in London, just about a year ago. Since it's in the UK, the roads are backwards from what we're used to, so you'll have to correct for that.Watch the video of the accident, and see if you can tell who is at fault. The answer is below the fold.https://youtu.be/9UogNFUp6sEWere you able ... read more >>

product recall
Consumers have every right to be afraid of product recalls. It's a scary moment when something you purchased for your family ends up being dangerous -- or even deadly.  While product recalls happen all the time, these are some particularly terrifying one.5. The Tylenol Tampering CasesBack in 1982, the popular pain reliever Tylenol had mysteriously killed seven people in Chicago. After further investigation, it turned out the pills had been laced with potassium cyanide. Tylenol's manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson immediately pulled ... read more >>

los angeles bicycle attorney
They're not protected bike lanes, but the green continuous lanes in Downtown Los Angeles are a great place to start.  They've been a long time coming, and are doing wonders to keep cyclists safe. People are able to ride safely Downtown, and have their lanes clearly marked, so motorists are aware of their presence. It saves lives and prevents injury crashes.So why all the resistance from residents?Bringing up the topic of bike lanes in Los Angeles ... read more >>

types of accidents
While all types of accidents are bad, there's some that can absolutely turn your life upside down. Few people realize how much of your life can be affected by a single accident injury. Some types of accidents have the power to take over your entire life.5. Airbag DeploymentAirbags will save your life, but there's some serious downsides to them. Of course there's the Takata airbags that have been found defective, and have been seriously injuring people and even ... read more >>

los angeles accident lawyer
When you speak to your accident lawyer, it's important to realize that you don't just walk in and get to litigating. There's some vital information your attorney will need before they can get started on your case.  To know these things heading into your first meeting, will make the whole process easier and smoother for everyone.5. What exactly happened? (without the commentary)At first, there's no reason to get into what you think, the emotions involved, or who ... read more >>

Why motorcycles get such a bad rap, we may never figure out.  Because of this bad rap, there's a lot of myths out there about motorcycle riders. While some might think these are just harmless stereotypes, the truth is that these myths are getting people hurt, and often killed.5. Motorcyclists Are Always At FaultWe hear this again, and again, and again, and again. That the motorcycle must have been at fault, because they're a motorcycle. This is simply not ... read more >>

construction belt
One of the most important things in any American city, is the construction site. It means there's progress and growth, and that your city is going somewhere. However, things can get pretty scary on-site. Construction site accidents you never thought can happen, do. 3. People Have Had Equipment And Materials Fall On Them While Simply Walking ByIt sounds like something straight out of Final Destination, but it's reality.  No matter how many protective walkways, or warning signs ... read more >>