When you buy a blender for your kitchen, you don’t expect it to explode and cause you horrific, life-altering injuries.But that’s what has happened to a growing number of users of the NutriBullet, and some are fighting back.The NutriBullet is a high-tech variant of the ordinary kitchen blender. It uses a unique process known as “nutrient extraction” to break down blended foods into the smallest possible components and extract the maximum nutrition.Sure enough, the NutriBullet ... read more >>

ralph nader
Recently, Ralph Nader penned an incredibly insightful article for Harper's Magazine regarding the idea of tort reform and how it relates to the justice system as a whole.We have a tremendous respect for Nader, and also feel strongly about tort reform and how it is a danger to justice in America.  It's not often enough that we see people speaking out loudly against tort reform we were quite pleased to see what he had to say on the topic.  Too ... read more >>

Certain models of the ultra-high end SRAM Zipp bicycle wheels are being recalled for a very serious serious reason.The Zipp aluminum hub models 88v6, 88v7 and 88v8 have a design flaw that could cause them to collapse during a ride. These hubs were sold between May 2010 and January 2015 at specialty bike shops for upwards of $215. They are also included in front wheels, some being sold for as much as $1,325.SRAM is recalling the hubs after receiving ... read more >>

Nexium Lawyers
Nobody likes to get heartburn, and with OTC medications like Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec, it's getting more and more manageable. Even when it's caused by something like acid reflux and not just bad pizza.It's terrifying to think about but that miracle heartburn pill just might cause dementia.Researchers published a study in the Journal Of The American Medical Association this month, showing that patients 75 and older who took these heartburn pills, were 44% more likely to develop dementia. That's an alarming rise ... read more >>

As if things couldn't have gotten scarier, the Takata airbag recall has now expanded even more, with 2.23 million Honda and Acura vehicles affected.Recently, a Ford recall had widened the scope of the catastrophe, calling back 5 million vehicles. Now, with this newest recall, even more drivers are affected by the faulty design.The design of the airbag uses a certain kind of material for the inflator, that over time can cause a reaction that pelts the driver's face ... read more >>

aliso canyon no trespassing sign
As the gas leak in Porter Ranch gets worse and worse by the day, residents might be one step closer to holding Southern California Gas Company responsible.The South Coast Air Quality Management District has filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging the gas company was negligent in not only the design, maintenance, and operation of the well in Aliso Canyon -- but also in their pedestrian response.As the leak dumps more and more methane and benzene on ... read more >>

takata recall
The recall of Takata airbags, one of the most widely used, has expanded after reports of a 10th victim being killed as a result of the exploding airbags.A design flaw in the airbag inflators has been causing "catastrophic explosions" when the airbag deploys.This latest case involved a Georgia man in a 2006 Ford Ranger who was killed when his airbag exploded violently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who reported the death, declined to identify the victim.In response, over ... read more >>

porter ranch
The catastrophic gas leak in the Porter Ranch community is getting worse by the day, and last week was finally classified as an emergency.On January 6, Governor Jerry Brown finally declared a state of emergency for Porter Ranch. This comes after 160 million pounds of toxic gas has already been released into the air.  The situation has gotten so bad that L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich called the disaster a "Mini Chernobyl", referring to the 1986 nuclear meltdown in the former Soviet Union.Southern ... read more >>

On March 12 2015, the FDA issued a Class 2 Recall for ALL Zimmer Persona Knee Replacement Systems sold between November 29, 2012 until January 23, 2015.Patients who have received a Zimmer Persona Knee replacement and are experiencing any chronic pain, difficulty with mobility, fracturing or loosening of the components of the replacement knee or have had a revision to correct the defect should contact our firm today.Zimmer, Inc.  is a medical device manufacturer that has recently come ... read more >>

St. Jude Medical discontinued selling the Riata silicone-insulated lead models as of December 31, 2010. St. Jude Medical issued communications to medical care providers concerning the Riata lead in December 2010 and November 2011, and, in December 2011, the FDA classified the November 2011 communication as a Class I Recall.  It was announced by The Torkzadeh Law Firm and other law firms involved that a confidential settlement has been reached.The cases have been vigorously litigated by the parties in federal ... read more >>