Riverside Car Accident Lawyer

    Every crash is different, and every injury from those crashes can be unique as well. Your whiplash is not the same as another person’s whiplash, and the same therapy or treatment for one person isn’t the same for another. You need someone who will approach your case, knowing that they’re going to treat your case as a unique situation. That means going through all of your evidence and talking about the individual elements of the crash with you personally.

    Riverside car accident lawyers should handle every element of your claim, from alerting your car insurance company to negotiating settlements. Car accidents happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean that your case is an open and shut matter. Get someone involved that wants to assess your situation and understand how you sustained your injuries. It is very likely that you’ll need legal guidance at more than one step in your crash resolution.

    What Should I Do After a Riverside Crash?

    Immediately after any type of wreck, you should always alert the authorities, seek medical attention, and gather any evidence available while at the scene. California also requires that drivers exchange information such as ID and insurance information.

    After any crash that involved an excess of $1,000 in property damages or any type of injury, including fatalities must report the crash to the DMV through an SR 1 form. Regardless of who was at-fault, you must file a report. It is common for insurance companies to file this report on behalf of the driver, and part of the reasoning for this is that they retain that information for themselves as well.

    You should report the crash through the Riverside police department through a police report, and then inform your insurance provider that you were in an accident. Be sure that you tell them only the specifics necessary for their reporting. When the crash happened, the ID information you have for the other driver, and where the crash took place. These specific details are all they need, and you should be wary of giving a formal statement right away.

    When to Contact Riverside Car Accident Lawyers

    Ideally, you’ll contact an attorney prior to contacting your insurance company. There are far too many unsavory tactics used within the insurance realm to trust speaking with a customer service representative about your crash. Don’t issue a formal statement. Simply tell them that you had a crash on a certain date, at a certain intersection and that you’re speaking with an attorney.

    So, you should reach out to a lawyer when you feel that you require help in the closure of your case. If you feel that your insurance company won’t have your best interests at heart, then you should reach out to an attorney straight away.

    Why Call Local Riverside Car Accident Lawyers?

    There are so many options for people to resolve car accidents on their own, so why would someone call in Riverside car accident lawyers? Car accident attorneys have access to resources and support that you wouldn’t have otherwise. The attorneys that work these cases regularly or as a specialty should have the skill set to negotiate successfully for meaningful settlement values and properly represent their clients in court.

    TorkLaw has a team of Riverside car accident lawyers that are ready and able to support a victim through this process. Stop answering insurance company phone calls and accidentally devaluing your claim. Instead, let an attorney take charge and control your car accident injury case.

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