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    Riverside is a beautiful place to walk through. The downtown area, with its historic hotels and stunning library, make it a wonderful way to spend a day off work. However, there’s always the presence of drivers who aren’t paying attention or have little care for pedestrians on the road. While drivers of standard vehicles, motorcycles, and even these new e-scooters will drive through red lights, pedestrians are left defenseless.

    Riverside pedestrian accident lawyers serve to answer the many questions that come after being hit by a vehicle while walking. Many pedestrians don’t know whether they can open a car insurance claim or not. Additionally, most victims aren’t aware of where to start a claim, and some may not even have information on the driver responsible. The road to seeking compensation may involve lengthy investigations and a long legal process as well.

    Dangers of Walking in Riverside – Pedestrian Accidents

    Riverside was one of the highest density regions in Southern California to show the high-risk increase for pedestrian injuries and deaths. Additional risk factors involved children under the age of 16 being the most likely to be hit by a vehicle. Riverside has a high volume of children who walked to school as well as the many parks within the city. Even children walking down their own streets are at risk. Those between the ages of 10 and 15 were the highest risk group for pedestrian accidents, and they make up 30% of all pedestrian injuries.

    As a state, 22% of California’s vehicle-related fatalities involve pedestrians, whereas the average through the rest of the nation is 14.2%. Riverside is among the highest risk areas for pedestrians to be involved in fatal accidents.

    New Dangers: Distracted Walking, eScooters, and Motorized Bikes

    Distracted walking is one of the most significant dangers that pedestrians face on the roads, and if the driver can prove distracted walking, it may mean that you don’t have access to compensation. For example, is someone was walking and texting and did not stop at a crosswalk did not acknowledge the lights but simply entered the road, the accident could be that person’s fault.

    However, many pedestrians are very aware of the extent of distracted walking and take care to be observant, especially around intersections. Another new danger to pedestrians are e-scooters. Electronic scooters have cropped up all over Riverside but particularly within the downtown and shopping districts. These scooters can travel at about 15 mph, but they’ve led to many injuries where the riders are struck by vehicles or pedestrians are struck by the scooter. The city of Riverside is still trying to understand how it can help pedestrians prepare for the dangers of electronic scooters and motorized bikes.

    Riverside Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Defend the Least Protected People on the Road

    While other drivers are essentially protected within a metal cage, and truck drivers have even more protection, pedestrians have nothing. Motorcycle crash victims often point out that they didn’t have a vehicle to protect them, but even motorcyclists have more protection or the opportunity to wear appropriate protective equipment than pedestrians do.

    Pedestrians are the least protected people on the road, and the highest at-risk groups include teenagers, young children, and the elderly. These are people who are not in their prime, who may not recover from a crash even at low speeds.

    At 20 miles per hour, the average survival rate of a pedestrian accident is 93%; however, at 30 miles per hour, that drops drastically to 80%. By 40 miles per hour, the survival rate is just below 50% on average. However, higher-risk groups, such as the elderly, face a survival rate of only 30%.

    Most areas in Riverside are either posted with 40 mph speed limits, or the drivers travel at these “comfortable” speeds regardless of the speed limit in the area.

    Pedestrians Involved in Collisions

    Top safety tips include only using intersections and being alert when walking. But, there isn’t anything that you can do about a negligent driver who simply doesn’t adhere to safety regulations. Pedestrians should not only be aware of the dangers of a pedestrian collision but also be fully aware of what to do after a collision.

    You may need to alert your car insurance provider so they can represent your interests when the negligent driver’s insurance company opens the case. However, you may choose to obtain legal support that will genuinely have your best interest in mind.

    After a collision, the pedestrian will need to balance not only their legal issues such as talking with car insurance companies, and engaging in settlement negotiations, but also their physical recovery, and managing a household with extreme limitations and possibly losing an income source. It is overwhelming for many victims.

    Take it slowly and always focus on your health first. Listen to your medical team and then allow others to help you with everything else. Call in the support you need, seek legal help, ask family members or friends for assistance with things around the house, and transportation. Don’t be afraid to develop a support system.

    When Should You Contact a Riverside Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

    The very first thing you should worry about after being hit by vehicle, is your medical health. Focus on working with your medical team, and then when you’re comfortable, contact a Riverside pedestrian accident lawyer. These lawyers specialize in helping victims that were simply walking down the street or out for a run when a vehicle hit them and changed their life forever.

    At TorkLaw, our goal is to obtain fair compensation for all of your damages, that includes your injuries, the anxiety that came from the accident, and all the pain and suffering you experienced. Being hit by a car comes with lifelong trauma, and possibly a lifelong battle to recover your ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Working with an experienced attorney can help take some of the pressure off of you and get your case moving forward. Call TorkLaw to set up a consultation.

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