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    Injury victims go through the recovery process with a lot of uncertainty, expense, and anxiety. Not only are they attempting to physical recovery, but many don’t know how they’re going to cover their medical bills and all the time that was lost at work. However, with legal assistance, it is possible that they can work to obtain compensation from the responsible party.

    If your injuries resulted because someone wasn’t able to properly maintain their property or keep public spaces clear, then you might need to explore additional options. Riverside slip and fall lawyers take on these huge cases regularly. They should understand that your injuries came from an unexpected accident.

    What Exactly Counts as a Slip and Fall?

    It is pretty straight forward if you slipped or tripped and fell then sustained an injury because of that fall; you may have a slip and fall case. Slip and fall cases can also include events surrounding tripping. If you tripped walking on to a bus step that was not marked or was an even or chipped, then you may have a case for unsafe conditions, which led to your fall.

    Unfortunately, slip and fall cases have gotten quite a bit of a reputation because of how many people have attempted to commit fraud through these types of claims. This makes it exceptionally difficult for the victims of slip and fall negligence. If you fell because a business owner or manager failed to maintain a safe environment for their customers, then you shouldn’t be stuck with the medical bills that came from those injuries.

    When it comes to negligence and the availability of opening lawsuits, victims should have every right to pursue full compensation. They should be able to do so without the scrutiny surrounding slip and fall cases. It’s a stigma that other personal injury victims don’t experience.

    Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

    Among the most common causes for slip or trip and fall instances are wet floors, unclear or cluttered walkways, unstable railways or stairways, and foreign objects in the walking path. For example, if a delivery driver were walking up to your door with a package and tripped on an unwound hose and injured their shoulder, they could pursue compensation. Additionally, if a friend was over at your home and there was a known leak under the sink that would go onto the tile floor, and they slipped, you could face a lawsuit.

    Wet or slick floors Are among the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents. This is why so many businesses take extreme measures to ensure that wet floor signs are always up over freshly mopped floors. Or, that the signs are available so that employees can quickly put them into place in the event of a spill. In private residences, wet and slick floors are a little more forgiving. Although victims can certainly seek compensation for slipping and falling in a friend’s Riverside home, they may need to show that the spill or presence of liquid on the floor was known beforehand.

    The instances of falling when they involve cluttered walkways or steps there are a few components to pick apart. First, if an object was in a walkway, you need to explore whether that object had been there for an extended duration of time where the property owner would have had the opportunity to move it. Second, The victim may need to show that the foreign object was either not inherently visible or easy to overlook. A delivery driver tripping over a hose is very different than a friend bumping into a kitchen chair. Finally, there may be questions regarding building or safety codes. Steps, in particular, have certain criteria for safety, and if the stairway or the railing fails to meet basic building and safety codes, it could put the property owner as liable.

    Riverside Slip and Fall Lawyers Lead Your Battle for Compensation

    Slip and fall attorneys look for ways to show your evidence and present your side of the story in a compelling manner. They are trying to get a victim’s voice heard when standing against a huge insurance company. Because nearly all slip and fall cases involve some type of insurance, even workers compensation insurance, it’s important that a legal professional stand up to these high powered attorney teams.

    When individuals take on an insurance claim, they often make mistakes, such as accepting the first settlement offer or providing only parts of the evidence. A Riverside slip and fall lawyer would go through the evidence you have, seek additional evidence or information on your accident and the property, and determine the most liable party. It is this type of legal guidance that many people need to move forward with a slip and fall claim.

    Injuries That Happen With Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents

    Injuries can vary from person to person when it comes to slips and trips. While one person may slip on a curb that wasn’t marked and they catch themselves quickly, the injury may be a minor wrist sprain. However, someone else tripping on that same unmarked curb Could sustain extensive spinal damage and even brain injury.

    The most important thing that victims of slip and fall accidents can do is to work closely with their medical team to understand their injuries.

    Riverside Slip and Fall Lawyers Seek Fair Compensation

    A slip and fall injury can be life-threatening or just damaging enough to keep someone out of work for a while. Injuries that come with slip and fall accidents can include spinal cord injuries, head or brain trauma, paralysis, broken bones, joint damage, concussions, and contusions. No matter the severity of your injuries, you should seek help from Riverside slip and fall lawyers.

    Our attorneys at TorkLaw build sturdy cases with the evidence available to pursue the coverage of damages resulting from the accident. We understand that slip and falls aren’t planned and that the expenses that come from these injuries are difficult to cover. Contact our team to learn more about your options for compensation and legal resolution.

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