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Whether you were hurt while riding an e-scooter through downtown Riverside or found yourself as the victim of a slip and fall, you could have a personal injury case. These types of cases allow anyone in the area to file a claim or lawsuit against the individual or company responsible for their damages. Damages can include much more than

Riverside personal injury lawyers work closely with their attorneys to understand the Full scope of their cases and injuries. The term personal injury can cover a wide variety of events and accidents, but all come down to one person who got hurt because another person wasn’t careful or cautious enough. In personal injury cases, there is always an element of negligence or carelessness.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Personal injury law covers a wide array of events and accidents that can lead to injuries. Car crashes are among the most common for personal injury lawsuits. However, product defects and even medical malpractice fall within the personal injury umbrella. Anyone who was hurt because of the action or carelessness of another person could potentially have a personal injury case.

Car Accidents – Car crashes and wrecks make up high-volumes of injuries as the victims may go through whiplash, broken bones, skull fractures, concussions, burns, and more. These accidents often happen through the course of one person’s negligence.

Fires – Fires can result from carelessness on the part of the homeowner, or from a product defect. Either situation often calls for an extensive investigation to understand how the fire started and how it can be tied to the injuries in the claim.

Animal Attacks – Dog bites can cause people to lose fingers, take on disfigurements, and face the bacterial disease. California law allows for dogs with a history of violence to put their owners into a liable position when someone is hurt.

Slip and Fall Cases – Slips can happen anywhere, and these cases often do originate in the most unlikely of places. Unfortunately, they often come accompanied by broken bones, head trauma, and spinal injuries.

Wrongful Death Cases – Wrongful death is the unexpected or sudden loss of a loved one as a result of another person’s recklessness.

Why Talk to Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers?

Depending upon your injuries, you may need to talk to a personal injury attorney in order to determine who the liable party is, or you may simply need them for their negotiation skills in dealing with a car insurance company.

Most people have very different reasons for bringing attorneys onto their claims. You should consider all of the options available to you, and in doing so, arrange for a consultation with an attorney to see what they have to say about your case.

During a consultation, you can talk to them about the evidence that you have and whether they feel it could strongly impact the case. Additionally, during a consultation, you could discuss affordability or payment policy is that the lawyer keeps, is legal help something that you have access to? Most will be able to explain their contingency agreement payment system, and all attorneys should be able to explain what you should expect from their services when you employ them.

If anything, talking to a Riverside personal injury lawyer can help open your eyes to additional legal options. A consultation should not lock you into an agreement. You should still have the flexibility to make your own choices even after a discussion with an attorney.

Communicate and Negotiate, Then Settle or Fight

Communication and negotiation are huge elements for solving personal injury cases. About 97% of civil cases will resolve through the settlement process, meaning that they don’t go to court. Settlement negotiations usually start privately between the victim, or their attorney, and the involved insurance company or defendant. If those settlement negotiations don’t go well, then the process would move forward to mediation where a legal professional would sit and provide an unbiased view on how the two parties may reach a compromise on a fair settlement.

However, if settlements don’t work and your compensation offers won’t cover your damages, then you need to go to court and fight. Going to court does come with additional court fees, and most attorneys that work on contingency fees such as personal injury attorneys will charge higher rates because of the additional work. There is also the risk of going to court in that it does not mean you will receive a higher award than the highest settlement offer you received.

Understanding when to accept a settlement offer and went to proceed to court is complex, and your attorney, although their illegal professional, may not have full insight into making this decision. All attorneys should leave the decision between accepting a settlement or moving forward to court to their clients. They may offer some advice on avoiding court fees or pursuing more compensation by getting in front of a judge. Take consideration of your legal counsel’s suggestions, but ultimately you have to make the decision between accepting a settlement or moving to court.

What Can Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Your local Riverside personal injury attorneys should be able to help you manage your case with relative ease. Not only are you working with a legal professional who understands the insurance system that often becomes prevalent in personal injury cases, but you’re getting someone who works with these cases on a regular basis. They’ve seen the wide variety of outcomes for personal injury victims, and they can help you prepare for the most likely outcome for your case.

Riverside personal injury lawyers should focus on helping the victim obtain full compensation for all medical damages, property damage, and pain and suffering. In doing this, they bring the full extent of the damage from the accident or the incident to light. At TorkLaw, we want your voice to carry weight and for the involved insurance company and negligent part to understand the damage done to you because another person was negligent or failed to act appropriately. Contact TorkLaw to learn more about personal injury cases and the resolution process.

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