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    Motorcyclists love the open road, and San Bernardino has the winding trails, the open freeways, and intricate city grids for a great ride. These rides are freeing and allow people to experience life in a way that many are too scared to approach. When accidents happen, they don’t always stop people from riding voluntarily. Riders are usually very happy to get back on their bikes as soon as possible unless the severity of their injuries makes that impossible.

    San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyers often see some of the most battered victims from vehicle-related accidents. Motorcyclists do have to wear certain protective gear, but it is nothing to the protection that a full vehicle such as a sedan or SUV could provide. Motorcyclists are often the victims of motorcycle-blind drivers, negligent drivers, and distracted drivers.

    San Bernardino A Freeway Hub

    Enter San Bernardino through the I-15, then within minutes, jump onto the I-215 and take it up to the I-210. That’s not even covering the highways that stream in and out of the city. San Bernardino is a hub for most of the traffic that comes in and out of Southern California. Not only are these among the most common freeways in SoCal, but they’re almost impossible to avoid.

    Unless you have extensive knowledge of small streets and the ongoing construction within the city, you will likely use the freeways on a daily basis. For motorcyclists, it’s an adventure for high-speeds and smooth roads. Unfortunately, it’s also a recipe for disaster with the notoriously impatient and speedy vehicles that have invaded the California freeways in recent years.

    San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Lawyers — Compensation for Past and Future Medical Care

    Personal injury claims usually allow the victim to recover all losses, and if you will foreseeably need continued medical care, you can include that in your claim. For example, if you will need regular visits for therapy or a nurse to assist with day-to-day medical needs, then you should discuss including these expenses as part of your demand. Often those who experience extensive brain trauma will need ongoing medical care for years.

    However, you can’t simply use your current medical debt to reflect possible future expenses. Instead, you might need to work with a medical expert or a financial expert to assess what type of ongoing treatment you’ll need and the standard expenses to expect. This process can be complex, but it’s often worth the effort if you can recover compensation for the full impact of your injuries.

    Surviving a severe traumatic brain injury can come with the lifetime costs of about $4 million dollars. The average TBI survivor may average costs of $151,500. However, aftercare and follow-up medical expenses averaged $196,400 within the first four years of recovery. Without a doubt, if you experienced any type of head or brain trauma, you should expect ongoing medical expenses for at least the next few years.

    Trauma, Distress, and Pain and Suffering Claims

    Trauma can describe the types of injuries as well as your mental state following the crash. It is very common for people to experience various types of trauma from a crash. For example, you may have a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion, as well as blunt force trauma resulting in internal injuries, and traumatic stress, causing PTSD or severe anxiety.

    Distress is another commonly used word used to describe the mental impact of the crash. For example, if you have a temporary form of anxiety or mental trauma, a doctor may hesitate to diagnose you with an anxiety or depression disorder. However, they could still determine that you’ve suffered considerable or even extreme distress. Usually, this means that they expect you to make a full mental recovery and meet your old mental state within the reasonable future.

    Pain and suffering is something that you might consider adding to your claim. It is not a catch-all segment. Instead, it is a portion of your claim to demand compensation for non-economic compensation. If you can no longer drive out of trauma or distress, you may seek transportation compensation in another part of your claim, but under pain and suffering, you could include the loss of joy that you found when riding your motorcycle and the loss of a hobby.

    Mandatory Protective Gear in California

    Motorcycle helmets are not optional in California. The helmet must meet all the U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. Additionally, the California DMV suggests that all riders of motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters wear protective face and eye gear, as well as protective apparel.

    Protective apparent such as leather or long-sleeve jackets, heavy pants, closed-toe high-top boots, and full-fingered leather or similar gloves can help reduce injuries. Perhaps the most notable injury they help reduce is road rash. Road rash is an abrasive burn that can expose the skin and deteriorate muscle tissue. Depending on the extent of the road rash, you may require skin grafts and surgery to repair torn ligaments and abraded tissue.

    It is always worth wearing the protective gear, and the general advice is that if it’s too hot to wear the right gear, then it’s too hot to ride.

    Why Should You Turn to San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

    Motorcycle accidents are one of the top reasons that people find themselves needing an attorney. Not only are you possibly facing months or years of surgeries and physical therapy, but you’re also out of a vehicle and in extensive medical debt. You have probably missed out on weeks of work as well, and we understand that you’re in a position where you need to concentrate on your needs. That’s why most people call in San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyers.

    With proper legal support, you won’t have to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies or risk a harmless statement leading to you losing compensation. Instead, involve TorkLaw, where a compassionate and determined attorney can help you battle for reasonable compensation necessary for your full recovery. Don’t spend years paying for the bad decisions of another driver; hold them responsible.

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