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    When people go looking for San Bernardino car accident lawyers, it’s often because they experienced some trauma or injuries from a crash. Crash injuries can have such a substantial impact on a life, and the life of the people around you. It is only fair that you seek out compensation for your damages by holding the at-fault driver responsible.

    With an attorney at the lead of your case, you’ll have the opportunity to expose the full damage you experienced. Unfortunately, car crashes have become so common that people are caring less and less about what a moment of negligence could lead to. Distracted driving, drunk driving, poorly maintained vehicles, and more can all lead to serious car accidents.

    San Bernardino Car Accident Injury Information

    San Bernardino is far above the average rate of car accident deaths per 1000 population in comparison to both California as a state and the nation as a whole. In 2017 alone, there were 312 deaths in San Bernardino County related to vehicle accidents. The fatalities are extremely concerning, but they shed some light on the high volume of car accident injuries as well. In any given year, San Bernardino County can expect over 10,000 vehicle-related injuries and San Bernardino city accounts for about 10% of those injuries.

    Common injuries that happened from San Bernardino car accidents include:

    • Spinal injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Soft-tissue damage
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Internal organ damage

    Injuries from auto collisions can happen for a variety of reasons, although most are due to blunt force trauma. The victims may experience road rash, fractures, and injuries that eliminate their ability to walk, interact with others in the same way that they had before, or even sustain their job. Some of these injuries don’t come with a full recovery, while others may take months of rehabilitation and multiple surgeries to correct.

    Why San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers Take on These Common Cases

    One of the most common reasons for car accidents in San Bernardino is drunk driving. In 2017 alone, drunk-driving was associated with 25% of all fatal accidents within the city. Many were able to walk away with injuries, but what happens to these victims?

    But the reason for taking these cases comes down to the high volume of victims. Victims need help, in car insurance companies aren’t there to help anyone other than themselves. Yes, these cases are very common, and that is why it’s even more important to give victims access to affordable legal services. Many drivers have become extraordinarily complacent because there’s a general idea that insurance companies will cover everything. However, the victims of car accidents know that that’s not usually the case, you may have to fight for fair compensation.

    Possible Damages to Collect From a Crash

    When collecting damages on a crash, you want to look at property damage, medical expenses, and non-economic damages as well.

    Property damage is pretty clear cut, but a lot of people are disappointed when they realize they won’t get the full value of their vehicle. A total loss on a vehicle will only qualify you for the value of the vehicle given its age and condition prior to the crash. Many people aren’t aware of how quickly cars lose their value. In fact, cars can lose up to 10% of their value in the first month that you own the vehicle.

    Aside from property damage, you’re probably most concerned with your medical expenses. Medical expenses, including the ambulance ride, emergency room, hospital stays, surgeries, therapy, and more, can all add up quickly. Unfortunately for many medical expenses don’t end just because your car accident claim closed. Most injuries from car accidents require ongoing care or physical therapy. If this is the situation, you might consider working with a financial expert to project the future costs of medical care before closing your case.

    Finally, when it comes to non-economic damages, there are unique challenges, primarily assigning value to parts of life that are beyond a dollar amount. If you sustained a spinal injury that left you unable to walk, how would you go about assigning a value to your ability to walk? If you were injured in a way that left you unable to continue on your career path, how would you value that last aspiration?

    Your car accident claim will likely combine property damage, medical expenses, and non-economic damages. You’ll use a demand letter to communicate your expectations in compensation, and that letter will serve as a starting point for negotiations for a possible settlement.

    How Victims Can Seek Compensation

    If you were to pursue compensation through the standard option of filing a claim through your car insurance policy, you might make a common mistake of accepting the first settlement offer. Or you might fall into the frequent challenge of providing a formal statement without taking on some percentage of fault.

    Within California, you need to pursue compensation for your damages through the responsible parties insurance policy first. That means that even if you open up a lawsuit against the individual, the insurance company will step in and take over. The insurance companies involved in auto collisions aren’t looking out for your needs, they’re trying to keep their money.

    Now victims can pursue compensation for property damage, injuries, and on occasion, non-economic damages as well. For the victims of a drunk driving crash, he might even have the opportunity to pursue punitive damages for excessive negligence.

    Where to Find San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers

    From the time that you start your claim, you’ll be in unfamiliar territory. Even if you have gone through an insurance claim in the past, you may be familiar with the full abilities of an insurance company to avoid making payments on a crash. The trauma and the impact of someone’s clear carelessness causing your injuries don’t just go away, and an insurance company shorting your compensation doesn’t make it any better.

    San Bernardino car accident lawyers come into the picture when it’s time to take decisive action and protect your best interests. It is your chance to have someone in the settlement negotiations process defending your needs. Call TorkLaw to plan a consultation where you can have a conversation about your injuries and your crash.

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