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    There are a lot of fires in California every year. The unique thing about California is that they suffer a greater variety of fires than other states. For example, while house fires account for about 75% of all fires elsewhere in the nation, they only account for about half of California’s fires. There are also a lot of vehicle fires in California as compared to the rest of the country. There are twice as many car fires in California than other states. This means the San Bernardino burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw see more than their fair share of these cases.

    House Fires Aren’t the Only Cause of Burn Injuries in California

    Most people tend to think that house fires are the only cause of burn injuries. While house fires are a leading cause of these injuries, they aren’t the only cause. At TorkLaw, our San Bernardino burn injury lawyers have seen all sorts of things cause our clients’ burn injuries. This could involve any of the following:

    • Chemical explosions
    • Oil and gas accidents
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Workplace accidents
    • electrical fires
    • Electrocutions

    Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to prove liability on the part of the defendant.

    Your San Bernardino Burn Injury Lawyer Can Give You an Idea of What Your Case is Worth

    It would be unwise to tell anyone what their case is worth without meeting with them. This is why you should always schedule a time to meet with your San Bernardino burn injury lawyer at TorkLaw. After we review your file, we’ll have a better idea of what your case is worth. We need to look at a variety of things, including:

    • The accident report or police report
    • Pictures of any injuries
    • Medical records
    • Proof of how much time you’ve missed from work
    • Correspondence from the insurance company

    Once we have a chance to review all of this, we can make a better judgment as to what your case may be worth.

    Every Case is Unique When it Comes to Damages

    Just because you were involved in a fire, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to damages. You still have to prove your case. If your San Bernardino burn injury lawyer is able to do this, then you may be entitled to certain damages. Most of our clients are entitled to some or all of the following types of damages:

    • Medical bills and future medical bills – You are certainly entitled to any out of pocket medical expenses you experience. But you may also be entitled to compensation for future medical care. If your doctor states that you need multiple surgeries to address your burns, the defendant should be held liable for this.
    • Lost wages and income- Our burn injury clients tend to miss a lot of time from work. If that’s the case with you, then you can be compensated for this. Your San Bernardino burn injury lawyer at TorkLaw will demand two types of lost wages. First, they’ll want compensation for the days and hours you missed as a result of your injury. Second, they’ll demand compensation for the difference you’ll experience in future income. If you can no longer do the same kind of work because of your burn injuries, you can demand this money.
    • Property damage – if your burns are the result of a car accident, then you can demand compensation for your vehicle. The defendant will be liable for the costs to repair or replace your vehicle.
    • Pain and Suffering – These are intended to compensate you for the physical and mental anguish caused by your injuries. Burn victims suffer an excruciating amount of pain. So the pain and suffering damages in your case may be quite serious.

    What Does Your San Bernardino Burn Injury Lawyer Need to Prove?

    As with any other personal injury case, your San Bernardino burn injury lawyer needs to prove negligence. This can be a bit harder with burn cases. It isn’t always easy to prove what caused a fire. For example, if you’re injured in a fiery car accident, you’ll have to show the same thing that any car accident victim shows. But if you’re injured in a house fire caused by an electrical issue, it may be hard to pinpoint who is responsible.

    The other thing with these cases is that your San Bernardino burn injury lawyer at TorkLaw also has to show who is responsible. There may be more than a party responsible for your injuries. If that’s the case, you’ll need to name all possible defendants in your burn injury lawsuit.

    Should You Call a San Bernardino Burn Injury Lawyer at TorkLaw Right Away?

    One thing about burn injuries is that they’re really painful. A lot of our clients tell us that their doctors can’t do a lot for them other than let time heal. This is what makes these cases so unique. It’s one thing if you break your leg in a car accident. You may need surgery, but eventually, your leg heals. Most of our clients can go back to work at some point. The same can’t be said for burn injury victims. San Bernardino burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw deal with a lot of clients who are out of work for quite some time. This is why these cases often involve significant damages.

    Of course, the first question most of our clients have is – how much is my case worth? It wouldn’t be fair for us to try to tell you that here. We need to sit down and really review your case before we have any idea what your case is worth. Every case is different. The San Bernardino burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw understand this. We need to examine your medical records and see how long your recovery time will be. We also need to look at your income and earnings statements. This way, we know what sort of out of pocket expenses you’ve suffered

    The best way for us to fairly review your case is to sit down with you and have a conversation. This is why you should call and schedule your free consultation with a San Bernardino burn injury lawyer at TorkLaw as soon as possible after your accident. The consultation is free, and you don’t pay anything until your case is resolved.

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