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    You will see a high volume of people walking if you drive through any part of San Bernardino. Near the city limits of Highland down to the 10 freeway, it would be more uncommon to drive down the street and not see pedestrians walking. Not only are many adults walking for pleasure or exercise, but many teens and young adults walk throughout the city as their primary mode of transportation.

    San Bernardino pedestrian accident lawyers have really witnessed the full damages involved in these injuries. They have helped families grieve for loved ones they lost in pedestrian accidents and assisted people during their recovery from the loss of limbs, or broken bones and road rash. Even at low speeds, pedestrian accidents lead to injuries.

    Pedestrian Accident and Fatality Stats and Insights

    Victims of traffic accidents are up by 10%, and bicyclists and pedestrians account for 6% of those victims. In 2016 there were 681 pedestrian fatalities in San Bernardino County, and it’s clear that the streets aren’t exactly safe for walking. While, in 2017, the Center for Disease Control reported 137,000 pedestrians that treatment and emergency rooms for non-fatal crash injuries.

    Pedestrian deaths increased in 2017 by 35.4%, and with more people walking as the downtown area undergoes renovations, that number will continue to climb.

    The Highway Traffic safety administration estimates that about 6000 pedestrians die in traffic crashes. Most of those collisions occur in an urban setting or on the open road away from intersections.

    Control addresses that factors in pedestrian accidents involve high vehicle speeds and crossing roads at night, not at an intersection. Unfortunately, the most startling statistic or insight regarding San Bernardino pedestrian accidents is that 47% of them, which resulted in the death of the victim, involved alcohol. Alcohol is not only a risk factor for the driver but for the pedestrian as well.

    San Bernardino Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Understand the Risks and Injuries

    Attorneys are the ones that see the damages from history and accidents most often. They understand the risks and the injuries that come with the impact of a vehicle against a pedestrian. Pedestrian collisions often include traumatic brain injury and various types of musculoskeletal injury.

    Often entries are the worst at the point of contact with the vehicle either in the chest and abdomen when hit by a truck or raised vehicle or in the lower legs and knees for most standard sedans. The point of impact can lead to long-term disabilities and the inability to return to work or resume normal day-to-day life.

    When people experience these losses, the damages aren’t limited to the medical setbacks for the victim. A teen who loved playing soccer may not be able to recover their position on the team or prospective future based on soccer scholarships after going through extensive knee-reconstruction surgery. Even with rehabilitation, it is common that people don’t make a complete recovery after being hit by a car.

    There is also the risk of initiating a lawsuit and having the pedestrian face accusations of fault. Not crossing at an intersection, and distracted walking are among the most common allegations that come up in pedestrian accidents. The insurance company has no desire to pay out in these cases, and for them, it is easier to attempt to redistribute blame. It’s a risk and one that you may have to face head-on.

    What To Do About Negligent Drivers and Insurance Companies

    Negligent drivers are often the ones responsible for pedestrian accidents, which means that on the other end of that driver is an insurance company that will handle settlement negotiations and determining fault. Negligent drivers often include people who for speeding, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or breaking other general traffic laws such as running a red light.

    Unfortunately, there is not much that a victim can do about a negligent driver at the crash scene. After being hit by a vehicle, you will need immediate medical attention, which typically means that you’ll be rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital for treatment. So what happened to the negligent driver? If they remain at the scene, they’ll go through what happened with the police officers that arrived to file the report. That gives the responsible driver the only voice in the situation. The police may interview witnesses at the scene in the hope of obtaining a fair statement. However, you will eventually have to talk to them as well about the events of the collision.

    Insurance companies will also ask for statements, and you do not have to talk to anyone from an insurance company about your injuries or the crash. The negligent driver’s insurance provider has no reason to want to serve you. You’re not their customer. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult for the victim to have a say in the aftermath of the wreck.

    Victims usually determined that it is best for them to carefully record their memories and thoughts about the crash and take that to an attorney. Along with their injuries and information from the police report, it is possible to use a crash recreation expect to reengineer an accident to determine the speed at the time of impact and other factors.

    Working with San Bernardino Pedestrian Accident Lawyers for Relief

    It is difficult to call it an accident when you were simply walking down the street, and a negligent driver hit you, causing extreme pain and serious injury. Of course, your focus should always be on making a full recovery, and part of that means obtaining compensation to cover the medical expenses and severe trauma you experienced from this event. Working with San Bernardino pedestrian accident lawyers may be your first opportunity for some relief in the recovery process.

    A San Bernardino pedestrian injury attorney may be able to take over part of the claims process, so you’re not interacting with insurance companies or the other driver. Additionally, they may be awful to offer more relief through a medical lien and ensuring that you include all of the pain and suffering in damages within your demand letter. Contact a local attorney at TorkLaw for help with your San Bernardino pedestrian accident.

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