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San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyers should do everything within their power to find the right party responsible for the injury and to hold them accountable. Not every personal injury case is straightforward. Often people are lost wondering what happens and who to go to when they experience a dog bit. Will an insurance policy convert the damages, or is it possible that you’ll have to file a lawsuit against the owner directly.

It’s not surprising that in the largest county in the United States, there is a high volume of personal injury complaints. These complaints include claims of injury caused by the city of San Bernardino, other residents, and the many small businesses that grace our area.

Common Personal Injuries Handled By San Bernardino Personal Injury Lawyers

Typically your local personal injury attorneys will work with people that have experienced injuries ranging from minor whiplash to severe TBI. While whiplash and other forms of soft-tissue damage are present in crashes, other injuries are more unique to the situation.

Dog Bites – About 4.7 million people every year sustain dog bites, and there are serious risks of infection and disease. 325.7 millions of those happen within the U.S., which means that about one in every 69 people will experience a dog bite.

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents – Every time you get behind the wheel or onto a bike or motorcycle, there is the risk of getting into an accident. For the victims of these accidents, it seems like all too often they’re forgotten in the sea of victims.

Slip and falls– slipping and falling often happens on private property owned by a business such as a restaurant or a parking lot. The injuries that typically come with slipping and falling are hip and knee injuries. One bad hip injury can follow you through the rest of your life.

Product defects – an ill-designed or poorly manufactured product can lead to burns, electrocution, and damage in all varieties. Product defects are fairly common, and sometimes the damages from inaccurate or incomplete warning labels don’t come to light until years later.

These are not the only cases that personal injury attorneys handle. Additional injury cases include wrongful deaths, work injuries, pedestrian accidents, and much more.

Vehicle Accidents

Right behind Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County had the highest ongoing trend of vehicle-related fatalities. These trends are fair considering the complex freeway and highway system that runs through the city and county. The city is one of many that has personally felt the impact of so many fatalities. Many of these victims were residents, and the families living in the area are becoming even more aware of the dangers of California roads.

Vehicle accidents happen not only on freeways and highways, but in parking lots, when backing out of driveways, and along our familiar surface streets. The high volume of accidents in San Bernardino is part complacency, negligence, and carelessness. While some crashes certainly happen under pure accidental circumstances, there is also the strong presence of SoCal street racing culture. Then there is the issue of driving under the influence, another persistent challenge for San Bernardino residents.

Side-swipe accidents are more likely to result in broken bones, internal injury, and traumatic brain injury. These accidents can involve one vehicle traveling at high-speeds, and usually the other vehicle moving at much lower speeds. When personal injury attorneys are handling these injuries, it is evident that the victim has experienced extensive trauma.

Rear-end collisions, however, usually have soft-tissue damages from the continued movement of the driver and passengers after the crash. Whether the vehicle is stopped or in motion, when hit from behind, the people inside will move forward with great force. That can result in multiple soft-tissue injuries and brain trauma, which can include severe brain damage.

Head-on wrecks often result in the most severe injuries with a variety of blunt force trauma damage and significant damage from objects within the vehicle as well.

Injuries often lead car accident cases as the medical expenses carry much more weight than property damage. A vehicle can be replaced, but the lifelong scars and limitations experienced after a severe injury can’t be remedied. The least you should expect is to not have the weight of medical expenses to handle as well.

Property-Related Injuries

People are often surprised at how often property-related personal injuries are outright unavoidable. One example comes from the San Bernardino city’s Animal Control Center. They cite that their findings are that dog bites take place on the owner’s property 70% of the time. That makes it highly likely that the victim knew the homeowner and was invited onto the property. Dog bites are one example of property-related injuries. Others include slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, fires, and even accidents happening in daycares or gyms.

Any accident that happens on private property could fall to the property owner’s responsibility. Swimming pools and other public places will always have some responsibility unless the injured person was acting with extreme carelessness for their own safety. In essence, if you get hurt on someone’s property, then you should pursue your options for legal compensation to cover your injuries. Walkways, stairways, falling, or even exposure to mold are all property-related accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

What Can a San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

Working with San Bernardino personal injury lawyers Is the first step for many people who want to resolve the damages of an accidental injury. You should expect a personal injury attorney to handle your statements, demand letter, all discussions with any involved insurance company, settlement negotiations, and even taking the claim to court. If you have all the necessary elements for personal injury cases, then there’s no reason to not look for a qualified injury attorney in your area.

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