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    To build a slip and fall case, you’ll need to arrange for your evidence and expenses and then approach the responsible party with a lawsuit. That lawsuit will often go through an insurance policy for liability insurance. Property owners and even managers can be held responsible for the damages that a victim experiences because of their negligence.

    The possible injuries with slip and falls can range from a sprained ankle to a damaged hip that requires multiple surgeries. Any negligence that happens on a property resulting in injuries can result in a lawsuit.

    San Bernardino Slip and Fall Lawyers Explain Premises Liability

    Any type of dangerous condition on a property could lead to injuries, that’s reasonable. Under California premises liability if any person working in an area with dangerous conditions is hurt, then the employer could be responsible. Then there’s the liability that comes into play where business owners and property owners must protect their employees, customers, and the general public.

    When it comes to handling liability, it comes down in its most basic form, the person owning the property or most negligent could be held responsible for the damages. This could even come into play when you’re visiting a relative or going out to a restaurant.

    The people that are susceptible to extensive liability often, or should, carry liability insurance. For example, businesses in California should carry general liability insurance. Liability insurance for businesses can cover customer injuries, damaged customer property, and even lawsuits for slander.

    When the slip and fall injuries happen on private property, the option is typically to go through the homeowner’s insurance policy. These policies can cover personal injuries that happen on their premises.

    Common Slip and Fall Injuries

    Injuries that stem from slips or trips and falls often include head injuries, hip fractures, back and spinal cord injuries, shoulder injuries, fractures, and sprains. These injuries can drastically range in severity and expense. For example, a simple sprain may keep you at home for a few weeks and out of work. However, a traumatic brain injury may leave you unable to work in the foreseeable future and with months of surgeries and then more time in therapy.

    When you slip and fall, it is most likely that you’re going to land on your hip, shoulder, or head. Hip injuries can lead to constant pain and a drastic decrease in the quality of life. Surgery for a broken hip is not something that you can avoid, and it can easily cost between $16,000 and $34,000.

    Traumatic brain injuries are another serious head injury that can come from slipping and falling. It is from the impact of your brain hitting the inside of the skull and can result in a concussion or serious brain damage. The same action of falling and hitting your head can result in back or spinal cord injuries.

    Among the most common injuries is a brachial plexus injury, which is damage to the collection of nerves that connect the spinal cord to the hand, arm, and shoulder. This injury is exceptionally painful and can require not only surgery but months of rehabilitation to regain the basic function of the arm and hand.

    Many slip and fall injuries will require surgery, and often the pain is extensive. The victims of these entries had no idea that drastic turn they would experience that day. When the slip or a trip comes from negligence, it is hard to find a reason not to pursue compensation for these costly injuries.

    What Should Property Owners Do to Protect Their Customer and The Public?

    Building codes and other specifications regarding curbs, railings, and unsafe stairs are among the top concerns when it comes to business owners. But they’re not the most dangerous elements that people experience. In fact, more accidents happen from ice, liquids on the ground, and apparent hazards such as a rug that doesn’t

    TorkLaw is your local San Bernardino slip and fall lawyers, and we’re here to help you recover to the full extent possible. That means accounting for your injuries, the time that you spent out of work, and what it will take for you to get up and going. An attorney should structure your claim, layout your expenses, and fight for fair repayment for all of your damages.

    Property owners all take different steps to protect the general public and their customers. Businesses will use wet floor signs or quickly dry any spills in an effort to avoid slip and fall cases. Homeowners typically don’t carry wet floor signs; however, they may take certain precautions to make sure that steps are easy to see or that rug stay flat to prevent tripping.

    Property owners should take every reasonable precaution to prevent slip and fall or trip and fall accidents from happening. That means keeping walkways safe, clear, and dry. Additionally, they should ensure that all stairways and railings are secure and safe to use.

    These requirements are generally common sense, and it is reasonable that you expect a safe environment to walk whenever you go into someone’s home or into a business.

    Talking to San Bernardino Slip and Fall Lawyers About Your Injuries

    It’s not always easy to approach an attorney, but when you’ve gone through unexperienced injuries from a slip and fall, it’s time to call in help. San Bernardino slip and fall lawyers aim to help the community, and with such a highly-populated city, eventually, many people within our community will experience these unexpected injuries. From cases that involve spills in grocery stores to a trip on a misaligned step, slip and falls almost always come with severe injury and long-durations of time spent in pain.

    The team at TorkLaw provides legal support where victims of slip and fall cases can access resources and the wealth of experience of our attorneys. Working with compassionate attorneys that want to understand the details of your accident is imperative for your case. Contact TorkLaw to begin discussing your accident, your injuries, and your case.

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