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    Motorcycles are not only a mode of transportation for some but a way of life. Motorcycles are found across the United States and are ridden out of necessity and for fun. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often victims of terrible accidents due to the lack of safety features these motorcycles possess. When motorcycle accidents occur, it is vital to call an Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer.

    Motorcycle Safety

    Even the safest motorcycle riders can end up in an accident. It does not take much for injuries to occur in these accidents. To ensure better safety precautions are taken, here are tips to be safe and enjoy your motorcycle.

    • Take a motorcycle safety course
      • Safety courses are designed to teach you the rules of the road. There are also appropriate actions that will be taught for unpredictable riding scenarios. Taking a course like this will help a rider practice excellent skills and judgment.
    • Wear protective gear
      • Protective gear is not just a helmet. Protective gear helps protect a rider from the elements as well as debris that may be on the road. Helmets do help, especially in accident scenarios where the head hits the pavement. Head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents
    • Obey traffic rules
      • Motorcycles are required by law to follow the rules of the road. Most of these rules fall in line with the same rules automobiles follow on the roads. Things like turn signals, speed limits, and other measures are required by law for motorcycles as much as they are for cars.
    • Be observant and be visible
      • Using defensive driving techniques works for motorcycle riders just as it does for those driving cars. Anticipating and being observant of hazards in the road before you meet them can be the difference between staying on the bike or wiping out.
      • Motorcycle riders cannot assume that all cars see them. Some tips for remaining visible is to stay out of the blind spot of a car, turn on headlights during the day, wear reflective or bright clothing, and always use proper signaling.
    • Carry a first-aid kit
      • Even a basic first-aid kit can help in some accident situations. Disinfectant, hand sanitizer, gloves, bandages, gauze, and adhesive tape are staple items to have.

    Proving Fault in an Orange County Motorcycle Accident

    Any person who has been injured in a motorcycle accident should request counsel from an Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer. Legal counsel helps with making a case against the defense for the injuries sustained. The case is founded on evidence that proves the injuries were the fault of the defendant.

    Four different elements help when proving negligence. These elements are duty, breach, harm, and causation. The elements are explained below:

    1. All of the drivers on the road, including those on motorcycles and passenger car drivers, have a legal duty to drive safely and respect the law.
    2. The motorists breach their duty when they do not drive and use this duty to be safe and respect the law.
    3. The negligent party inflicted harm to the other party during the accident.
    4. The cause is directly related to the breach of duty on the part of the negligent driver. For this breach, they may become liable for the damages.

    Possible Damages an Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Might Pursue

    Because motorcycle injuries are more extensive than some car accident injuries, there is a likelihood that the damages are going to be extremely high, depending on the circumstances. A motorcycle accident lawyer may pursue the following types of damages:

    • Economic Damages
      • These types of damages can be assigned a quantity: income, medical bills, therapy, and future earning potential fall into the economic damages category.
    • Non-Economic Damages
      • These types of damages are not as easy to assign a quantity to them. They include pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, and the permanent disabilities or disfigurements associated with the accident.
    • Punitive Damages
      • These damages are an extended punishment for the liable party presented to them by the court or the jury on the case.

    Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

    The state of California requires (by law) all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. These helmets must meet the standards that are set by the Department of Transportation (DOT), namely FMVSS 218.

    The FMVSS 218 DOT helmets have these properties:

    • Thick inner lining that should be at least one-inch thick which helps with shock absorption
    • Strong and durable chin straps and rivets
    • These types of helmets are heavy, weighing in around three pounds
    • There are no flashy decorations on these helmets, and nothing sticks out more than two-tenths of an inch on the helmet
    • A sticker will be put on the helmet that says DOT, proving it is compliant

    These DOT-rated helmets help keep the head safe in the event of a motorcycle accident. Head injuries often occur during motorcycle accidents due to the lack of safety features on the motorcycle.

    Injuries Sustained by Motorcycle Riders

    The common injuries that a motorcycle rider may see and need to file claims for are:

    • Broken bones
    • Fractured bones
    • Face injuries
      • Scrapes, embedded debris, and other broken bones in the face
    • Head trauma
      • Concussions
      • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
    • Spinal cord injuries
      • Possible paralysis including paraplegia or quadriplegia
    • Road rash
      • May require skin grafts if too deep

    Hiring an Exceptional Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    When looking for a skilled and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in the Orange County area, TorkLaw offices in Irvine, California, can provide you with a free case consultation. TorkLaw associates handle motorcycle accident cases and seek the maximum amount of damages to help clients get their lives back on track after sustaining such extensive injuries.

    If you or someone you love has been injured in an Orange County motorcycle accident, TorkLaw office in Irvine is standing by to provide a free case consultation. The toll-free number to obtain this consultation free of charge is 888.845.9696.

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