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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Orange County, California, are often unavoidable. The population of Orange County is currently estimated to be 3,179,950 people. Some people do not know what to do after an accident occurs. Hiring an Orange County car accident lawyer may become necessary if injuries occur. After an accident occurs, gathering evidence and information becomes essential.

What To Do At The Scene Of A Car Accident in Orange County

If you were involved in a car accident in Orange County, it may not be clear to you, what needs to be done. Adrenaline is coursing through the veins of the injured or just those shaken by the occurrence of an accident. The necessity of following proper protocol after an accident will become a necessity for filing a claim for injuries sustained after an accident.

  • Make sure that any others involved in the accident are safe
    • Pull the car to the side of the road if it is still operational
    • If anyone needs medical treatment, tend to them and call 911
  • Call the police department to report the accident
  • Begin the gathering of evidence
    • Take multiple photographs of the area including:
      • Where each car was coming from at the time of the accident
      • Where the cars ended up after the accident
      • The condition of the roads
      • The weather
      • The license plates of each vehicle involved
      • Any witnesses
    • Take notes and get witness statements on what happened
  • Call for a private towing company to take the vehicle to a location that is trusted

Things That Should Not Be Done During An Accident in Orange County

Even though there are things that need to be done following an accident in Orange County, there are things that should not be done. Keep the following in mind when at the scene of a car accident:

  • Do not make any statements to anyone about who is at fault for the accident. In the same regard, do not apologize or use language that insinuates guilt
  • Do not decline any medical treatment at the scene of the accident
    • Paramedics should check everyone out at the scene even if they do not feel like they are injured
  • Do not leave without talking to the police and providing a statement on the events that occurred. Make sure to get the badge number, phone number, and police report number.

After a Car Accident in Orange County

The following are things that need to be done after the initial accident:

  • Go to a doctor as soon as possible and have a complete check-up for documentation purposes in case a claim has to be filed
    • Keep all copies of the medical bills incurred from the accident
  • File the SR-1 form with the DMV
    • This form must be filed within ten days of the accident if anyone was injured, killed, or property damages exceeded $1000
  • Get the copy of the police report and double-check for accuracy
  • Call the insurance company to report the accident and file an accident claim
  • Obtain an Orange County car accident lawyer like TorkLaw

Things That Should Not Be Done After An Accident in Orange County

Do not do any of the following after the accident:

  • Do not repair the vehicle until it has been determined if it will be needed for accident reconstruction
  • Do not post any information about the accident or injuries on social media
    • Most legal representation will advise clients to stay off of social media until car accident cases are over
  • Do not agree to have a statement recorded by the insurance company
    • There should be no statements or recordings made without the advice and guidance of legal counsel
  • Avoid signing any paperwork and do not agree to a settlement without the advice of an Orange County car accident lawyer

Common Causes of Orange County Car Accidents

There are many different reasons that car accidents happen. It is not always clear cut on how these happen, but with the help of accident reconstructions and police investigations, the truth can come out. There are common occurrences that factor in with most of the traffic accidents that occur in Orange County.

Drunk or Drugged Drivers

Drunk driving is a problem in the entire state of California. When DUI offenses happen, and the offender is considered a non-violent offender and does not have any offenses with drug sales or gang activity. The Orange County Superior Court sets up this program, and an offender is required to attend for no less than one year.

The use of marijuana can cause driver impairment as much as alcohol. Depth perception and judgment becomes impaired if a driver is high from the effects of smoking a substance with THC properties. Many car accidents have been found to be caused by those drivers who not only have alcohol in their system, but they also have drug components in it as well.

Distracted Driving

Drivers are distracted by many different things when they are on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that across the nation, 2,841 people were killed as a result of distracted drivers in 2018. Distractions come in the form of :

  • Daydreaming or mind drifting off
  • Talking, dialing, listening, and text messaging on a cell phone
  • Talking and looking at a passenger
  • Eating or drinking
  • Smoking
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Reaching for something in another seat of the car

Distractions when driving are defined as anything that takes the attention of the driver from the road. Most of these types of accidents can be avoided. The distracted driver is often found liable for the injuries sustained in a car accident of this type.

Hiring an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

When looking for representation after being injured in a car accident, the law offices of TorkLaw are available in the Irvine office located in sunny Orange County, California. The offices of TorkLaw specialize in personal injury claims that result from car accidents. The office is currently taking new cases. For a consultation on a car accident injury claim, call 888.845.9696.



Q: Is being high on marijuana considered a DUI?
A: Yes, it is considered impaired driving in the state of California. Stoned driving are considered misdemeanors in most cases however, it can be a felony as well.

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