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    Orange County dog bite lawyers provide more insight into how these injuries and damages go over with insurance companies and in court. When it comes to handling dog bites or dog attacks, it’s vital that the victim understand what options they have available for a resolution. Victims are typically left to figure out how to handle their medical needs, time off work, and more without much help or support.

    Your medical team is always the top priority and resource for understanding how to care for your injuries and plan for the best recovery. Full recovery should always focus on the injuries and getting the victim back to their pre-bite state. However, dog bites are far more serious than most people will typically acknowledge. It’s possible that a dog bite could lead to catastrophic and life-changing injuries; they may even leave someone permanently disabled.

    Is California a “One-Bite” State?

    Each year millions of people experience dog bites, and California state has the highest volume of dog bite attacks. But what are the county and the state doing to protect Californian residents?

    Unlike other states that use a one-bite law, California has strict liability for dog bites and dog-related injuries. The owner of the dog is strictly liable for all damages that come as a result of the animal. It does not matter if the dog has had a violent history or not, and it does not matter if the dog had previously shown signs of aggression or not. The only instance where California’s strict liability may waiver is if the dog was intentionally provoked to violence or aggression.

    Dog Bite Risks – Injury, Infection, and Catastrophic Injury

    California uses a slightly altered definition for severe injury as it applies to dog attacks. This definition includes any physical injury which results in muscle tearing, disfigurement, and lacerations, which require multiple sutures, corrective action, or cosmetic surgery. Often Orange County dog bite lawyers get involved because of the degree of injuries involved in with bites.

    During a dog attack, it’s possible that the victim could experience puncture wounds, broken bones, head and neck injuries, face injuries, nerve damage, and more. There’s also the likelihood of any injuries that break the skin that it could result in infection.

    Some disfiguring injuries, including damage to the eyes, and nerves may qualify as a catastrophic injury. If the victim experienced a dramatic change in their day-to-day abilities or lost a sense, such as vision, they probably have further needs for support during their recovery.

    There are unique infections that occur in dog bites that can result in death if not treated promptly. Some infections can result in sepsis, and it’s vital that any sign of infection receive medical attention immediately.

    Whether it was an injury, infection, or a combination of the two, anyone who experienced a dog attack, you should seek out professional medical help. Treating a bite at home is often not enough.

    Orange County Dog Bite Lawyers Shed Light on Questionable Topics

    Is it possible to recover compensation for the damages you experience during the dog attacks? Should you pursue that compensation? Is there an insurance policy that’s going to take over and handle this claim?

    Orange County dog bite lawyers answer these questions daily. Yes, you should seek compensation if you have medical bills, lost wages, or have experienced pain and suffering because of the attack.  But whether you should pursue that compensation is a question that only you can answer. Finally, it is possible that an insurance policy provider may become involved, but that’s not guaranteed in every case.

    At TorkLaw, we can answer any questions you have so that you can decide if utilizing a dog bite attorney is right for you and your injuries. An Orange County dog bite attorney should always answer questions like these transparently and give you all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision.

    Will California Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Dog Bite Injuries?

    Most California homeowners and renters insurance should cover dog bite liability. That can involve covering legal expenses, medical damages for the victim, pain, and suffering, and even lost wages. It is still on the victim to show that the homeowner or the renter there is liable. There are also some restrictions on the extent of insurance coverage. Typically, these policies range in liability coverage between $100,000 and $300,000.

    State Farm announced that in 2018 they paid over $123 million for injury claims and damages relating to dog bites. Of course, the amount of coverage and the conditions of that coverage vary from provider to provider. Some insurance companies ask about the breed, while others don’t, and some require proper police reporting of the incident.

    Coverage for dog bite injuries is only available for liability, which means that the homeowners themselves aren’t going to access compensation if their dog bites them.

    Orange County Dog Bite Lawyers Are Available

    After experiencing a dog bite or dog attack, victims should always be concerned about getting medical help first. Dog bites can be very severe and lead to catastrophic injuries. It’s even possible that an infection could take a severe injury from bad to worse. However, many people worry about the cost associated with all of these medical needs. You need medical attention, and the medical bills shouldn’t be your responsibility.

    Often the victims of dog attacks and dog bites can cover the medical damages and even their lost wages through compensation. Filing a claim with an available insurance policy or filing a civil lawsuit against the dog owner is usually the only way to get help in covering all the damages that came from this attack. Working with Orange County dog bite lawyers isn’t something anyone wants to do, but when you’re faced with dog bite injuries, it is the most direct path to compensation. TorkLaw is available throughout Orange County to help victims of dog attacks and answer questions from those who have experienced dog bites.

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