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If you’ve been injured in an accident in Dallas then you need to talk to a lawyer near you, with no obligation.  It’s important to have experienced Dallas personal injury lawyers who understand local Dallas laws, fighting for you.

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The Torkzadeh Law Firm is a personal injury and accident law firm with offices located in Dallas ready to help anyone that was injured in an accident, assault, on-job, or other injury related causes. Our dedicated team of local professional attorneys near by are ready to fight for you and get what you deserve. If you’ve been injured around in Dallas and want to talk with an experienced attorney that knows what it takes to win, then contact or call 469.518.6898 now.

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Dallas Area Legal Questions

How much does a Dallas personal injury lawyer cost?

At TorkLaw, our Dallas personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay if we don’t win. There is no cost to talk to a lawyer and you don’t pay anything upfront.

What’s the first thing to do if someone hits your car in Dallas?

The best thing to do is contact a lawyer first. Often insurance companies want a statement right after the accident is reported so it’s good to have legal advice right away.

Where can I find more information about car accidents?

To help you, the consumer, we created the Ultimate Guide to Car Accidents. Its no-nonsense, down to earth approach to the legal side of car accident injury cases is perfect for someone like you. Someone who may not have all the information necessary to read all at once. Go ahead and grab a cup of Joe – it’s a long read!

Local Dallas Legal News

Ex-NFL Football Players in Texas Continue to Fight for Personal Injury Compensation Levels – The NFL approved a historic personal injury settlement for ex-players, but many legal battles loom.

Dallas:  The Most Populous City in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Dallas is the most populous city in the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the country, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The city’s population is the third largest in Texas and the ninth largest in the United States. Dallas’s prominence came from its importance historically as a center in the cotton and oil industries as well as its location along numerous railroad lines. The majority of the city lies within Dallas County, where it is the county seat. However, the city has sections that spread into four other counties, Denton, Kaufman, Collin, and Rockwall counties. The city’s population was 1,197,816 as of the 2010 United States Census. As of July 1, 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimate for the city’s population had increased to 1,300,092.

The Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex area consists of 12 counties and had a population of 7,246,231 as of July 1, 2016. As of 2016, the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex had attained the top spot in the nation for year-over-year population growth. As of 2014, the metro area’s economy surpassed Washington, D.C. making it the fifth largest in the nation with a real gross domestic product exceeding $504 billion. That also made it the 10th largest in the world. By 2013, the metro area led the nation by having the largest year-over-year increase in employment, which made it become the fourth largest U.S. employer with more than three million jobs that are not farm related. The metro area’s job count had increased to 3,558,200 jobs by 2017. Dallas has an economy that is primarily based on telecommunications, banking, energy, commerce, medical research, and healthcare.

As the core of the largest Southern metropolitan area, the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex is also the largest U.S. metropolitan area with no navigable sea link. Dallas and Fort Worth were both developed as a result of the construction of railroad lines through the area allowing access to cattle, cotton, and oil located in eastern and northern Texas. When the Interstate Highway System helped strengthen the city’s role as a transportation hub with four major interstates converging in Dallas. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was one of the world’s largest and busiest airports.

Dallas Landmarks and Attractions

Dallas has a variety of landmarks, historical sites, and attractions that draw in numerous visitors each year. Among those locations include the Dallas Museum of Art, the African American Museum, Nasher Sculpture Center, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection, Dallas Holocaust Museum & Center for Educational Tolerance, George W. Bush Presidential Center, Meadows Museum, Frontiers of Flight Museum, Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Dallas Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of the American Railroad. Other areas of interest include the Dallas Heritage Village, Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, and the Samauri Collection.

Dallas was the location of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza has several exhibits. Dealey Plaza, where the assassination took place, is also frequently visited. Reunion Tower has an observation deck that offers views of the entire city. The Dallas Zoo has 2,000 animals spread across 95 acres. Adolphus Hotel is a Beaux arts hotel with an afternoon tea. A Zero Gravity Amusement Park has bungee jumping and extreme rides. A birding sanctuary with trails that go on for miles, Trinity River Audubon Center is popular among visitors as well.

Dallas Auto Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) reports that 3,531 people were killed on Texas roads during 2015 making the state’s highway fatality rate at 1.43 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in the state. There were 17,011 people throughout the state seriously injured in 2015 motor vehicle accidents with 246,335 people suffering some kind of injuries in Texas car accidents.  Someone in Texas is injured in a car accident every two minutes. In Texas, driving under the influence of alcohol remains a serious problem with 27% of all motor vehicle fatalities being from accidents that involve a driver who is under the influence of alcohol.

car accident attorneyWith high traffic volumes, some roadways throughout the city are more prone to crashes than others. As an example, the LBJ Freeway sees a daily traffic volume exceeding one million vehicles. In 2014 alone the road had 479 crashes reported in the stretch between I-35 and Dallas Northwest Tollway. That doesn’t include accidents on the freeway’s remainder. More than one-half million cars travel through Dallas on I-45 every day. That stretch of road had 114 crashes during 2014. Central Expressway is one of the citys’ heavier traveled roads. With a daily traffic volume of 2.27 million motor vehicles, it should be of no surprise that 1,230 accidents were reported on the expressway during 2014.

TDOT records indicate that 31,094 auto accidents occurred in Dallas during 2015. Out of those accidents, there were 154 fatalities, 891 incapacitating injuries, 12,047 possible injuries, 58,217 non-injuries, 8,364 unknown injuries, and 1,950 unknown severity crashes. Looking at the state figures, there were 246,633 million vehicle miles traveled in Texas during 2015, which was a 1.50% increase from the previous year’s totals. Broken down, that is 1.43 traffic deaths per 100,000 vehicle miles traveled. The total economic loss for all motor vehicle crashes in Texas during 2015 was estimated to be $37,800,000,000.

All these Dallas car accidents have a significant impact on finances as well. There are medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages that add up quickly. Therefore, they don’t only impact those involved in the accidents along with their families, but the entire metro region as well. The National Safety Council’s Average Economic Cost on a per death basis equaled about $1.5 million per motor vehicle accident death in 2014. The economic cost for a disabling accident was $88,500 and $25,600 for evident injuries. Those accidents with possible injuries averaged out to about $21,000 each.

There are several different kinds of damages suffered in Dallas auto accidents. Here are some of the damages you might encounter following a Texas car crash:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental trauma and emotional stress
  • Disfigurement and permanent scarring
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Property damages

If you have suffered injuries in a Dallas car accident, you should consult with the experienced Dallas auto accident injury attorneys at TorkLaw. The team at the Torkzadeh Law Firm have decades of combined experience in representing clients with personal injury claims.

Motorcycle Accidents in Dallas


Motorcycle crashes are a serious problem in Texas as well. The state had 459 motorcyclist fatalities during 2015. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 52% of the victims were not wearing helmets at the time of their death. Studies have shown that the brain and eyes must relay messages to one another for a driver to actually “see” a motorcyclist approaching on the roadway. In order to ensure this happens, a motorcyclist needs to make sure he or she is visible.

To ensure visibility, wear fluorescent clothing that doesn’t blend in with your surroundings. This can be orange, lime green, bright yellow, hot pink, or red jackets. A bike that is brightly colored or that features unique designs that stand out can also help get you noticed. A modulator can also help you get noticed. Modulators help your bike’s headlights constantly switch from bright to dim causing them to “flash” which results in drivers noticing them.

When riding at night, you should take extra precautions. In addition to your bike’s headlight and taillight, you should make sure you have adequate reflectors on your bike and  on yourself. Take reflective tape and put it on your back, across your chest, along your legs, on your shoes, and even on your helmet. Reflective bands can be worn on the wrists and ankles. Adding reflective tape or reflectors to the fenders, foot pegs, and rims can also help you stand out.

Check out our latest motorcycle news & info here!

Various studies conducted by medical experts have revealed that wearing a helmet can reduce the severity of a head injury and even save lives. More than half the motorcyclists killed in crashes on Texas roads in recent years were not wearing a helmet. You should wear a helmet for added safety. Protective bike gear, such as a leather jacket and chaps can help protect your skin from the pavement in the event of a bike crash. If you have suffered injuries in a Dallas motorcycle crash, schedule a free case evaluation with the motorcycle accident injury lawyers at the Torkzadeh Law Firm. The TorkLaw Dallas team is experienced in helping injured crash victims recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Dallas Wrongful Death Claims

If a loved one has died as a result of an accident caused by someone else or as a result of someone’s intentional actions and wrongdoing, you might want to pursue a Dallas wrongful death claim. Through a wrongful death claim, the immediate family or estate of a decedent can recover compensation for damages that resulted from the loss of life. A wrongful death claim is much like a personal injury claim filed for an individual who cannot pursue damages for himself or herself.

Attorney Reza TorkzadehAt TorkLaw we understand no amount of money in the world can bring back your loved one or replace him or her, but we also understand that their death has caused your family to suffer unexpected financial strain. Wrongful death claims can be filed after auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycling crashes, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, explosions or fires, truck accidents, train accidents, bus accidents, aviation accidents, boat accidents, amusement park accidents, dangerous product accidents, nursing home abuse, child abuse, or any other event that leads to a loss of life.

When it comes to filing a Dallas wrongful death claim, you can depend on the experienced wrongful death attorneys at TorkLaw. We have offices in Dallas and Houston, and with decades of experience our firm has successfully helped numerous clients receive the compensation they need to take care of families financially following a Texas wrongful death. To learn more about our practice and how we can help you with your claim, call the Torkzadeh Law Firm today for a free initial case evaluation.

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When you have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one, you want to deal with a personal injury law firm that you can trust. The Torkzadeh Law Firm treats clients with respect, care and compassion while aggressively pursuing the compensation you need and deserve to help you overcome your injuries. When we represent a client, we thoroughly investigate the accident. We come up with the evidence needed to show who was at fault and how the accident happened. Usually, accidents could have been prevented but resulted from someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. In some cases, the actions were intentional and caused serious harm to those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of personal injury law.

nursing home abuse lawyersWe have helped clients with serious injuries get the medical care and funds they need to make it until they can fully recover. Our team has represented clients with catastrophic injuries overcome obstacles and get the money that is needed so they can have access to the care they need throughout the rest of their lives. We also have helped families who have lost loved ones in accidents get the compensation they need to go on after a death. These funds can be used for funeral expenses, medical expenses, and cover the loss of income experienced by the family after the death of the family member.

When it comes to Dallas workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims, and wrongful death claims, you can depend on TorkLaw Dallas to help you. A statute of limitations applies, so don’t wait until it is too late to pursue your claim. To learn more about the Torkzadeh Law Firm call us for a free initial case evaluation. There are no risks and no obligations to learn how we would proceed with your claim and fight for you. We have experience, dedication, and determination that will work for you every step of the way. Make the call to 888.845.9696, which is  the TorkLaw free 24/7 legal helpline now!