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Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Las Vegas is a favorite site for motorcycle enthusiasts. There are some fantastic places to visit on your bike in the city. Many motorcycle riders like to stop at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  There are other great places to visit near the city as well. With so many motorcycle riders on the road, there are bound to be a lot of motorcycle accidents. Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers meet with dozens of clients every year to discuss their potential accident claims. The attorneys at TorkLaw are prepared to represent accident victims and get them the compensation they deserve.

Motorcycle Accident are Some of the Most Dangerous of All Motor Vehicle Accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers understand how dangerous these crashes can be. There is nothing that stands between you and the other driver. The only protection you have is your helmet. In Las Vegas, you are legally required to wear a helmet. Even with a helmet, however, you’re liable to suffer severe injuries during a motorcycle accident. Some of the injuries most accident victims receive include the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – This injury is caused when you suffer a severe blow to the head. Even with a helmet, this is common with a motorcycle crash. Most drivers are ejected from their bikes during the accident. Your head can smash on the other vehicle, the ground, or even a tree.
  • Spinal Cord Injury – Depending on where on your spinal cord you’re injured, the crash could leave you partially or totally paralyzed. Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers see more cases like this than you would imagine.
  • Broken Bones – If you’re involved in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident, you’ll likely suffer from broken bones. These injuries will eventually heal, but they can be very painful. You may even need surgery and physical therapy to correct them.

All of these types of injuries will require extensive medical care. This can become quite expensive. That’s why Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers will demand compensation. The driver who caused the crash should be held accountable for these expenses. Plus, if your private health insurance covered your treatment, they’ll expect to be reimbursed by the defendant.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Must File Your Claim Within Two Years

Every state sets time limits on how long you have to file an injury claim. In Nevada, you have two (2) years to file suit for your motorcycle accident. That is because of the Nevada statute of limitations. Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers understand that there are very few exceptions to this rule. The most common exception is one set forth in a Nevada Supreme Court case called Petersen v Bruen. This case, which was decided in 1990, held that the statute of limitations doesn’t start until the plaintiff discovered that they were injured. This is referred to as the discovery rule. Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers understand that this exception rarely applies. This is especially true in your motorcycle accident case. It would be difficult to argue that you didn’t know you were injured, especially given how dangerous motorcycle accidents are.

Your Free Initial Consultation

Many people fear that they won’t be able to afford an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At TorkLaw, you can take advantage of your free initial consultation before you make any decisions. This gives you the opportunity to sit down with a seasoned Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer face to face. They’ll answer any questions you may have. They’ll also give you an idea of what your case is worth.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will Pursue Damages

The point of hiring Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers is so that you can get compensation for your injuries. Since each case is different, your lawyer will have to review your claim to see which sort of damages you may be entitled to. In Nevada, you may be eligible for the following types of damages:

  • Lost wages – As long as you missed a significant amount of time from work, you can demand these damages. You cannot claim damages for any time that was covered by sick or vacation time.
  • Medical bills – Your private health insurance likely covered most of your medical care. However, they will expect to be reimbursed by the defendant. You can also demand reimbursement for any out of pocket medical expenses you experienced.
  • The costs of future medical treatment – Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers can hire experts to testify as to any future medical care you may need.
  • Lost future earnings – If you are no longer able to work after the crash, you can demand compensation. These damages are equal to the difference between what you’ll earn on disability compared to what you would’ve earned working full-time.
  • Damage to your motorcycle – There is a good chance that your bike will be damaged or destroyed. The defendant should be liable for the costs to repair or replace your motorcycle.
  • Pain and suffering – These damages may make up the lion’s share of your case. Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers have to prove that you suffered mental and physical anguish after the crash.

Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers cannot guarantee that you’ll receive any damages at all. They must first prove that the other driver was responsible for your motorcycle crash. If they can do this, they must then specifically prove each and every type of damages you demand in your complaint.

Your Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved one have been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, you have options. The best option is to talk to a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. You only have two (2) years to file suit against the other driver. This sounds like a lot of time, but it really isn’t. Your attorney will need ample time to gather evidence and prepare your case. You also may need to hire experts to prove your damages. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to call and schedule your free initial consultation with TorkLaw sooner rather than later.

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