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Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyer

Las Vegas product liability lawyers represent people who are injured by dangerous or defective products. While many of these cases are handled in a class action, there are many more that are treated as individual personal injury cases. Whether your case will be handled separately depends on how many plaintiffs are suing the same defendant. Las Vegas product liability lawyers are able to represent you no matter what sort of product causes your injury. Their goal is to get you or your loved one compensation for your injuries. Since the injuries in these cases tend to be quite severe, it’s important that you focus on getting better. The product liability attorneys at TorkLaw have the experience necessary to get their clients justice.

Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyers Handle All 3 Types of Product Liability Cases

There are three (3) main types of product liability cases in Las Vegas. All of them involve dangerous products. However, Las Vegas product liability lawyers will need to determine who you need to pursue in your case. The main types of product liability cases include the following:

  • Manufacturing Defect – There are many products that would be perfectly safe if they had been made properly. When something goes wrong in the manufacturing process, people get hurt. Products are designed with the assumption that they’ll be made the right away. The designers presume that quality materials will be used. They also presume that the people making the products are trained and competent. There are also times when there is an equipment failure that leads to the manufacturing defect. An example of this sort of case would be a piece of furniture that is not bolted properly. When somebody sits on this piece of furniture, they’re liable to fall. They could easily suffer a back or neck injury.
  • Design Defect – There are other products that would not be safe no matter how perfectly they’re made. They are inherently unsafe. This often includes sharp tools. If a power saw is not designed properly, the consumer could suffer from very serious cuts and injuries. They could even suffer an amputation. Another example of a design defect would involve a child’s toy. If the toy is designed without the age of the child in mind, it could result in a product liability lawsuit.
  • Failure to Warn or Inadequate Warning Cases – There are many useful products that are on the market that are naturally unsafe. No matter how well the product is designed or made, it will never be absolutely safe. However, with these products, the manufacturer and distributer has the option of putting warnings on the product. If an adequate warning alerts the consumer as to a certain danger, it helps ensure that customers aren’t injured. For example, many children’s toys have age recommendations on the outside of the box. If a toy contains small parts, you may see a choking hazard warning on the label. If a product doesn’t contain these necessary warnings, they can be the subject of a product liability lawsuit.

There May Be More Than One Party Responsible for Your Injuries

Las Vegas product liability lawyers understand that there may be more than one person responsible for their client’s injuries. This is often the case with product liability cases. Depending on the type of defect or danger, you may have to pursue any or all of the following parties:

  • Designer of the product – If the product is inherently unsafe, the designer may be at fault. For example, if a car is designed in such a way that makes it unsafe, your Las Vegas product liability lawyer will file suit against the company that designed the car.
  • Manufacturer – Many product liability cases involve poor manufacturing. For example, if a manufacturer uses poor or expired materials in their product, they may be held liable for your injuries.
  • Distributor – There are times when a product becomes unsafe after arriving at the distributor. If this is the case, then you may need to name the retailer or distributor in your lawsuit.

Regardless of who is primarily responsible, Las Vegas product liability lawyers will make sure all necessary parties are named in your case.

Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyers Understand the Difference Between Strict Liability and Negligence

Las Vegas product liability lawyers know that there are different duties of care involved in these types of cases. This standard of care will determine what your TorkLaw product liability attorney needs to do to win your case. Some cases fall under what is called strict liability. In these cases, the defendant is liable no matter whether the plaintiff can prove a defect. These cases are few and far between.

In other cases, your Las Vegas product liability lawyer will need to prove negligence. This type of case is handled like any other personal injury lawsuit. Your TorkLaw attorney will need to demonstrate that the defendant had a duty of care toward you and they breached this duty. They will also need to show that you were hurt and that your injuries were the direct result of the defendant’s behavior.

Possible Outcomes in Your Las Vegas Product Liability Case

When it comes to Las Vegas product liability lawyers, they understand that there are several potential outcomes in your case. Ideally, the defendant will admit fault and pay your claim in full. This rarely happens. More often than not, you will need to take some legal action in order to get the compensation you deserve.

The possible outcomes for your Las Vegas product liability case includes:

  • Early Settlement – There are times when an insurance company will deny your claim in the hopes that you will quietly go away. When they learn that you have hired a Las Vegas product liability lawyer, they may be more amenable to discussing payment of your claim.
  • Settlement After You File Suit – If the defendant is unwilling to settle without the need for legal action, your TorkLaw injury attorney will have no choice but to file suit on your behalf. Once they do this, the defendant may be more interested in negotiating a settlement.
  • Go to Trial – Nobody wants to go to trial. Trials are time consuming and expensive. However, there are times when they are necessary.

Keep in mind – more than 95% of all product liability lawsuits do settle. There is a good chance that your attorney at TorkLaw will be able to negotiate a fair settlement without the for any litigation.

Your Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyer

If you or your child are injured while using any dangerous or defective product, you may have a possible claim for damages. Las Vegas product liability lawyers understand what is involved in these types of cases. And, while they would ideally be able to help everyone that walks into their office, they do need to select which cases they’ll accept. This is why they offer a free initial consultation. This gives them the opportunity to review your case and see if it has merit. If it does, they will offer to represent you. They’ll attempt to negotiate your case with the defendant’s insurance company. If they’re unable to do this, they’ll file a product liability lawsuit on your behalf.

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