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Single Vehicle Accidents

Can You Receive Compensation in a Single Vehicle Accident?

When most individuals hear about a single vehicle accident the automatic assumption is that the accident was caused by driver error.  While this may be true a good portion of the time, there are a percentage of accidents of this type that occur because of forces beyond the driver’s control.

What is a Single Vehicle Accident?

Technically speaking, a single vehicle car accident is one where only one automobile as involved.  An example of this would be and car hitting a tree or light fixture.  As stated before, most of these auto accidents are a result of driver error.  Things like cell phone use, rubbernecking, speeding, drinking or drowsy driving can be major contributors to these particular types of collisions.

Victims who have single vehicle accidents that fall under the above categories cannot sue for damages because the they brought their injuries on themselves due to reckless or even lawless behavior.  If anything, most of these motorists’ could end up in hot water for their actions.  In cases of DUI, they may even go to jail.

Single Car Accidents Not Caused by Driver Error

There are of course, instances when a motorist who was obeying all traffic laws gets hurt in a single car accident due to the actions of someone else. Below are a few single vehicle accident scenarios where an individual would be able to sue for financial compensation.

These include but are not limited to:

1. SUV Rollover accident – an SUV rollover accident usually occurs due to a fault in the automobile’s design.  The fact that such accidents can produce roof crush, an often times fatal event, is more of a reason to sound an alarm when this occurs.  Cars that are made to safety specifications do not topple over easily and the roofs are solid enough to withstand impact, sparing the lives of the drivers and passengers within the automobile.

2. Road Obstructions and Unmarked Hazards – road signs that are barley seen or non existent and  items in the middle of a roadway can create danger to fellow motorists, providing the prefect recipe for a debilitating car wreck as well.

3. Malfunctioning auto parts – when brakes, engines, or even the lights fails to work properly this can put a driver in one heck of a bind.  A resulting crash that is linked to defective parts can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

If any of the above scenarios were the reason behind your single vehicle car wreck, you have legal recourse.  Contact us today for a free consultation and let one of our experienced personal injury lawyers help you shift through the information to determine what kind of compensation, if any, you may be entitled to.

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