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    San Francisco car accident lawyers are available to help the victims within the San Francisco community who’ve experienced car accidents and injuries. One car accident can drastically change the course of your life, leaving you with chronic pain, or life-long disabilities.  For many people, the only solution is to find a San Francisco car accident attorney and move forward with the claim.

    Unfortunately, claims don’t always happen as planned, and they can move from settlement negotiations into a trial. When dealing with a legal professional, you can have access to advice and guidance from someone with experience handling car insurance companies, negotiating settlements, and aiming for the best possible resolution.

    San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers Lead Injury Claims

    Car accident injuries are at an extreme high in San Francisco, and the claims process has become more complex. People now know not to trust their car insurance providers with the first settlement offer or that they may be using questionable tactics to reduce what they payout. It’s because of trends like these within the insurance industry that people are turning towards car accident attorneys more often.

    Car accident attorneys take the lead on injury claims because they help the victims fight for full reimbursement of their medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and all other damages. For many people, it seems like the only way to get a fair review of a claim and the most reasonable chance at an appropriate compensation check.

    With a comprehensive method for case building and an in-depth understanding of how car insurance providers work, you can get an advantage over the claim. Victims often are pushed to the limit. Not only are they attempting to physically recover, but they’re stressed, and insurance companies make unreasonable demands.

    An experienced car accident attorney in San Francisco can help moderate the speed of the claim. They can take the pressure off of the victim and allow them to concentrate on their physical recovery and mental health.

    Streets Flooded with Vehicles

    As so many people have flocked to San Francisco, everyone within the city has noticed the flood of vehicles and bicycles in our streets. Over the last few years, pedestrian accidents have gone up substantially, and there have been more vehicles and motorcycle crashes than we’ve seen in recent past. San Francisco car accident lawyers have been go-to resources in resolving a lot of these accidents because most result in injuries.

    The most recent data reported from the ST Municipal Transportation Agency shows that there were about 3,100 non-fatal crashes that included injuries in a single year within the city. The report also acknowledged that the continued decreasing trend up to that point of a decline in non-fatal injury collisions had stopped. Up until that point, it seemed as though the city’s Vision Zero policies were becoming more effective, now with more people flocking to the city and using their vehicles for work or the gig-economy it’s clear that these streets are far from safe. Drivers are unable to protect themselves behind the wheel as traffic congestion, and erratic drivers rule the roads of San Francisco.

    Common Reasons for San Francisco Accidents

    Even with all the awareness of distracted driving, it is still the top reason for car accidents across the nation. People not only text and drive, but people are now streaming and driving with many people streaming Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix while behind the wheel.

    But distracted driving isn’t limited to texting or streaming or activities that happen on your phone. In fact, distracted driving can include eating, reading, grooming, and even applying makeup behind the wheel. Distracted driving is likely the top culprit for car accidents because it covers so many different activities that drivers do on a regular basis.

    Other common reasons for San Francisco car accidents include drunk driving. San Francisco has always had an active bar and party scene, and that leads too many drunk driving accidents. In one CHP maximum enforcement period during the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday, CHP arrested over 300 suspected DUI drivers within a 30-hour time span.

    Why Work with a San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer?

    Attorneys are not only more valuable than people initially consider, but they’re also more affordable than most people generally believe. Car accident attorneys throughout San Francisco work on a contingency basis where they only charge a percentage of the settlement or award. If the victim receives nothing, then the attorney doesn’t make a dime. This system of payment ensures that each victim is getting the attention they need from their attorneys.

    Car accident attorneys help take the pressure off the victim and assist them in obtaining a speedy resolution to the case. They help by:

    • Handling communications with car insurance companies
    • Processing your evidence for the claim
    • Assisting you with creating a comprehensive demand letter
    • Tracking all of your expenses related to the crash and your injuries
    • Negotiating for a fair settlement
    • Moving the case forward if they’re unable to reach a reasonable settlement

    For many, an attorney is the opportunity to fight for a full financial recovery. Ideally, that recovery will come through the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, which is required to drive in California. In the event that the at-fault driver was uninsured or underinsured, you may need to process your claim through your policy if you have the appropriate coverage.

    Finding Support Through TorkLaw in San Francisco

    When it comes to finding supportive San Francisco car accident lawyers, you won’t have to look far. Many take the issue of high fatalities and high injuries on our streets very seriously. At TorkLaw, we are very aware of the drastic impact that too many drivers have had on innocent families. When we work a claim, we always prioritize the needs of the victim when it comes to their recovery.

    Not only is physical recovery important, but also financial recovery for damages such as medical bills and property damage. When you’re ready to move forward with your claim and take your case into serious consideration, call TorkLaw.

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