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    Ever wonder who you should turn to when man’s best friend turns on you?  Unfortunately, California is first in dog bite incidents and second in dog bite fatalities. But San Francisco dog bite lawyers can help if a dog bites you. Several breeds of dogs are more prone than others to bite when provoked, however slightly. Read on for interesting information about the breeds to be careful of, circumstances to avoid, tips to stay safe when in the proximity of a dog, and how San Francisco dog bite lawyers can help you after a dog attack.

    California Dog Bite Statistics

    According to State Farm, California accounted for 488 of 3600 dog bite claims in 2017, resulting in $18.7 million in payments.

    In 2019, American homeowner insurers paid $797 million in liability claims resulting from dog bites and other dog bite-related injuries. Ventura County Animal Services in California had four fatal dog attacks due to poor intake policies at taxpayer-funded shelters.

    In 2019, 48 deaths resulted from dog bites in the United States. Of these 48 deaths, nine occurred in California, with 89% caused by pit bull terriers, making it the highest in a year for a single state.

    But the pit bull is not the only breed of dog one must be careful of. Several other breeds can also fatally attack humans and other animals. Read on to discover more.

    Breeds of Dog Most Prone to Bite

    Several breeds have fearsome reputations as strong and muscular dogs with extreme bite power. The following list contains the breeds of dogs most prone to bite.


    Rottweilers are devoted, loyal, intelligent, and protective. However, they have been known to turn on their owners. In spite of this, they are number 8 on the American Kennel Club list of favorite dogs in 2019. Rottweilers must have early and consistent training and discipline. Owners and handlers must avoid rough treatment, as it can cause a rottweiler to become aggressive. It is good to note that they can be wary of strangers.


    Although considered alert, intelligent, and fearless, boxers often make the list of most aggressive dogs due to their attacks on children. Their high energy level, along with their hunting instincts, make them potentially aggressive. Boxers rate number 14 on the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog list.


    Due to its reputation for being aggressive, the Akita is banned in many cities across the United States. They are large and powerful dogs, with dominant protective instincts. As a result of their size and tendency to be aggressive toward other dogs, Akitas are not easy to control.  The Akita is not a breed suitable to everyone. Akitas rank number 47 on the American Kennel Club’s list of popular dogs.


    Despite the fact they are aggressive if provoked, Dobermans are a loyal breed.  If they perceive a threat to their owner, they will attack, thereby making them the perfect guard dog. Dobermans are highly intelligent and alert, and rank number 19 on the American Kennel Club’s most popular list of dogs.

    Pit Bull Terrier

    There are four types of pit bull breeds and tend to bite more than any other dog breed, therefore causing most dog bite fatalities. This breed will refuse to release a bite even if being subjected to great pain. The shape of its head, wide skull, well developed facial muscles, and significantly strong jaw makes this dog particularly dangerous. Pit bull terriers rank number 61 on the American Kennel Club’s list of favorite dog breeds.

    Most Common Dog Bite Circumstances

    Dogs typically bite due to an impulsive reaction or if they feel threatened. They will bite if afraid if they become startled, and to defend themselves or their territory. Dogs will also bite if protecting something that is valuable to them, such as their puppies, toys, or food. Sickness or injury may also cause them to bite, indicating they may just want to be left alone.

    Rough play may cause a dog to nip and bite.  While it may be fun for the dog, it can be dangerous for humans, as the dog can become overly excited and, therefore, unpredictable.

    Socialization as a puppy will act as a deterrent to aggressive behavior in social situations. The more you allow your dog to become familiar with other dogs and with people, the more well-adjusted he or she will become.

    Dog Safety Tips

    When in public, it is important to always keep your dog on a leash when.  Having control of your pet is crucial. Here is some advice if you are confronted with a dog you believe may possibly bite:

    • Do not make excessive movements around the dog. Stay still. Do not throw anything at the dog.
    • Never make eye contact with the dog, as this may encourage aggressive behavior.
    • Ignore the dog.
    • If you are knocked to the ground, roll into a ball.
    • Walk slowly when attempting to leave the dog’s presence.

    How San Francisco Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help You After a Dog Bite

    The bite of a dog can lead to serious injury, disfigurement, or permanent scarring, regardless of the breed. If you find yourself the victim of a dog bite, California law allows you to seek financial compensation, something that San Francisco dog bite lawyers can help you with. There are other damages you may also be able to add to your claim, such as medical bills, medications for infections, lost wages, plastic surgery to repair a disfigurement, permanent disfigurement, and the emotional distress which comes due to the loss of quality of life.

    Dog bites can cause devastating injuries, resulting in emotional and psychological ramifications as well. As California—San Francisco specifically—has a higher number of dog bite claims than other places in the United States, our dog bite lawyers can certainly help you. If you find yourself in need of a dog bite lawyer, please contact TorkLaw Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers at 888.845.9696 for a free consultation.

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