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    If you suffered serious injuries in a car crash, you’ll likely need the services of Chicago car accident lawyers. If you contact an attorney immediately after the crash, they will investigate and let you know if you have a case for damages. Trying to get fair compensation on your own is extremely difficult, especially when you’re in pain. Fortunately, lawyers handle these types of cases every day. They know how to put together a solid claim and negotiate with insurance companies to get you the benefits you deserve. Insurers will always look out for their own interests, so you need to have someone acting on your behalf.

    Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago

    In order to get compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, you have to prove that their negligence caused the accident. Some of the most common causes of serious crashes are:

    • Speed. Driving above the speed limit or driving too fast for the road conditions can result in an accident. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that speeding is the cause of 26% of all fatal traffic accidents.
    • Distracted driving. Anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel is a distraction. However, cell phones continue to be one of the biggest distractions for motorists. The NHTSA says looking at a text can distract a driver for five seconds. This is more than enough time to cause an accident.
    • Drunk or drugged driving. When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their driving is less safe. Their reaction times will be slower, their coordination will be reduced, and their judgment is likely to be impaired. Intoxicated drivers may also feel dizzy or drowsy and this can lead to a crash.
    • Drowsy driving. Even without using drugs or alcohol, drivers can simply be sleepy. Drivers who are drowsy are almost as impaired as those who are intoxicated. They may fail to see other vehicles or have a reaction time that’s too slow to prevent a crash.
    • Environmental conditions. Heavy fog, snow, rain, and flooding can also create dangerous conditions for motorists. Even glare in the morning or evening can blind motorists.

    Regardless of what caused the accident, serious injuries can result.

    Injuries Commonly Suffered in Chicago Car Accidents

    Some car accident injuries are immediately obvious. You’ll feel excruciating pain or see blood gushing from a wound. However, others don’t present clear symptoms at the scene. You may simply feel a little out of sorts. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have serious injuries. No matter how you feel, you should seek medical attention as soon as you can. A doctor may be able to diagnose an injury that you can’t yet detect. They’ll also document your injuries, so you have proof when you file an insurance claim.

    Some of the most common injuries accident victims sustain are:

    • Neck and back injuries. The impact of a crash can put a lot of force on the vertebrae. Some victims suffer herniated discs while others sustain spinal cord injuries. Neck and back injuries can be debilitating, and many victims need long-term treatment.
    • Bone fractures. Crashes can also put lots of force on other bones in the body. The ribs, tibia, fibula, sternum, and femur are frequently broken.
    • Traumatic brain injuries. Accidents often involve a sudden jolt or blow. These can result in brain bleeds, contusions, and even skull fractures. Some of these injuries have long-lasting consequences.
    • Burns. These are not as common as other injuries, but they do occur. Burns can result from gas explosions, battery explosions, and the release of certain chemicals.

    Damages You Can Claim with Help from Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

    If you were injured in a car accident, Illinois’ laws allow you to seek compensation from the negligent party. The at-fault entity is usually another driver, but it can also be a business or a government department. Chicago car accident lawyers will investigate the circumstances surrounding your crash and ensure that you pursue the right entity for damages. You can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses that result from the accident.

    Economic damages cover tangible expenses and losses such as medical bills, property repair and replacement costs, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are much more subjective, and they cover things like pain and suffering, disability, and disfigurement. These are more difficult to quantify but Chicago car accident lawyers have methods that they use to do just that. In the unfortunate event that a victim succumbs to their injuries, survivors may be able to claim compensation. Damages may be available for grief, loss of companionship, and loss of financial support.

    If you intend to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, you need to so within the statute of limitations.

    The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Illinois

    Typically, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim. You also have five years to file a claim for property damage. However, you shouldn’t wait until the deadline is approaching to reach out to a lawyer. You need to give your attorney time to build a strong case and attempt negotiations with the insurance company. There are some situations in which you may have a longer or shorter period. It is imperative that you seek advice from an experienced lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

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    To successfully claim compensation, you need to show that the other party was negligent. This means proving that they owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty, and that breach caused your injuries. You shouldn’t attempt to build a case on your own even if you want your case settled out of court. Insurance companies often take advantage of victims who don’t have legal representation.

    As soon as possible after your accident, you should reach out to our team. We offer each potential client a free consultation. We’ll review the situation and give our opinion on whether you have a valid case. If you do, we’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve. Car accidents can result in significant losses, so you need to give yourself the best possible chances of getting fair compensation.

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