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3 Things Nobody Tells You About Hit And Run Accidents

Falling victim to a hit and run accident is another one of those things you think will never happen to you — until it does. Most of the time, our knowledge of hit and run accidents comes from television or third hand anecdotes. But what do you really need to know when it happens?

3. Odds Are The Other Party Has Absolutely No Insurance

hit and run


If they had insurance, would they have run? When you’re involved in a hit and run, this is the reason you buy uninsured motorist coverage.  If you have no UM insurance, you can look forward to the “Well that’s too bad, have a nice day” call from your provider. Even if you get the license plate and description of the car that hit you and the police track them down, if they’re uninsured — sorry about your luck.

2. Your Insurance Company Is Going To Get Stingy In A Hurry



The thing you have to remember about the insurance companies is that they’re running a business.  They’re not going to turn a profit by writing massive checks to people, so they do what they can. This means they end up pulling every trick in the book to reduce the amount of money they have to shell out to you.  When you’re in a hit and run, the whole demeanor of your once friendly insurance company might change drastically.

1. You’re Probably Not Going To Get The License Plate Number



Here’s a fun game.  Watch this hit and run, and see if you can catch the plate number of the silver car that caused the accident:


Couldn’t catch it, could you? And you were looking for it.  Now imagine if you weren’t even expecting it to happen.  You wouldn’t have even known you were looking for a plate number until after the SUV spun out. Unfortunately, if you’re in a hit and run, your odds of getting a plate number and getting an accurate one are pretty slim.

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