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Car Accident Lawyers

We are here to help you, if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident.

There are few things in life that are scarier or more life-altering than being in a serious car accident. Even the most seemingly minor accidents can have significant long-term effects and costs. For this reason, it is critical that those involved in an accident seek the counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Top Car Accident Lawyers

Premier Car Accident Lawyers

Before you speak with an insurance adjuster, give a recorded statement or sign any papers, you need to speak with a car accident lawyer about your case. Discussing the specifics of your accident before speaking with an attorney could have a significant negative impact on your case. The last thing that you want is for a bullying insurance company to take advantage of you.

Free Legal Representation, How TorkLaw Works

TorkLaw provides their clients with a team of the absolute best car accident lawyers to represent them. The firm is retained by the injured client or the family of a deceased person in wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorneys at The Torkzadeh Law Firm will represent you in your accident case with absolutely no upfront, out-of-pocket cost to you. We will take care of all the legal fees and costs associated with carrying the case. How do we get paid? We take a percentage (contingency fee) when we win your case. If we do not achieve a positive outcome for you, you do not pay. It is as simple as that!

Medical Care for your Accident

Medical treatment can be very costly. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, your central focus should be the recovery process. Often recovering from an accident can require medical intervention – surgeries, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and other doctor visits. If you do not have access to these medical services, our network of medical and care providers can treat you now, by placing a lien against your case. This means you get access to the treatment you need right away, with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Our network of providers is comprised of many of the top doctors in the nation, so you will get the very best care.

Access to Cash When Needed

An auto wreck can wreck more than just your car, it can empty your bank account and wreck your ability to continue to earn. When it is necessary, our firm can help you obtain personal loans against your case to give you access to cash to cover your normal life expenses.



A few tips:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention
  2. Do Not Speak with the Insurance Company without Consulting an Attorney
  3. Gather as Much Information (witnesses, times, dates, locations)
  4. Order your free copy of our new personal injury book
  5. Don’t Delay, Call Now and Speak With a Lawyer for Free


Common Car Accident Cases

Single Vehicle Accidents

A large percentage of single vehicle accidents are caused by driver error, DUI, speeding or rubbernecking.  In most of these cases, a driver may run off the road and hit a permanent fixture like a tree, fence, wall or lamppost.  Of course, individuals who cause this type of wreck cannot seek financial reparation for their injuries, for obvious reasons.

Still, there are a few single vehicle accidents that merit filing a personal injury lawsuit. Instances like SUV rollover accidents for example, can be traced to a manufacturer’s defect. Faulty electrical, brakes and other defective automobile parts may also create an accident that is beyond the driver’s control.

Single car drivers could even face road hazards cause them to take evasive measures that result in a wreck.  If any of the latter scenarios have happened to you, you could seriously look into pursing litigation to secure compensation for your injuries.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Multiple vehicle accidents are a different animal altogether as they often involve one or more other vehicles.  The automobile in question can be another car or a commercial auto like a bus, truck or even a train.

This particular category of accident often times occurs due to one or more drivers not  taking due precautions and injuring others as result.  While most pile ups can be traced back to one source, the catalyst of some multiple collisions are not so easy to ascertain.

This is when retaining the services of a reputable personal injury attorney is essential.

Not only will they fight aggressively for your rights in court, they will investigate the accident itself to establish the legal culpability of the trouble starting motorist.

Rear-end Accidents

Rear-end accidents are among the most common accidents that we see. These accidents occur when a vehicle following another vehicle fails to recognize that the vehicle following it has slowed or stopped and runs into the back of the lead vehicle. These accidents can vary in severity depending on speeds involved, weather and road conditions.

Left Turn Without Yielding the Right-of-Way Accidents

Turning left across oncoming traffic, whether at a light or not, presents a risk. In most cases, it is the vehicle that is turning left that will be at-fault if an accident occurs, unless the turning driver has a green arrow. These accidents can be vicious, as they often occur at a high rate of speed and can knock the vehicles into other lanes or oncoming traffic.

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign Accidents

Running a stoplight or stop sign is easy to do, especially when a driver is distracted. If another vehicle is occupying the intersection at the time of crossing, the resulting accident can be significant. A vehicle’s ability to protect its occupants in a side impact collision is measurably less than if an accident occurs head-on or from behind.

Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run is not a specific type of accident. It can take any form. the common feature of a hit and run accident, is that the at-fault party flees the scene before information is exchanged. You can learn more about hit and run accidents on our hit and run accident lawyer page.

Accidents Caused by Negligence

The team at TorkLaw is a plaintiff side accident and injury attorneys, this means we represent and protect the rights and entitlements of the innocent victims in accident cases caused by the intentional or unintentional negligence of a third party. Our team has handled thousands of accidents cases, and are familiar with the many types of negligence that can cause collisions. For this reason, we are experts in handling accident cases caused by negligence.

Some of the most common types of negligence include:

  • Distracted Driving – A Driver’s primary responsibility is to maintain control of their vehicle at all times. Unfortunately, many of today’s modern conveniences designed to make life easier and more enjoyable, can also be a distraction to a driver, diverting their attention from the road. Changing stations on your car radio, texting or talking on your cell phone, eating, updating your navigation device, turning to address passengers and children – all can lead to major accidents with catastrophic consequences. If a distracted driver is found to have caused an accident, he or she may be held liable (legally responsible) for damages, injuries and fatalities that are a result of the crash.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) – Statistics indicate that a person is injured in an alcohol-related crash every minute (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Driving while under the effects of alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription and/or over-the-counter medication can severely impair driver’s judgement and reaction time.
  • Overly Aggressive Driving – Traffic laws are in place to protect drivers. Excessive speed, abrupt lane changes, short following distances, running red lights, and the like, are all violations of laws designed to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. Failure to comply to such laws can be contributing factors in accidents and are a form of negligence.
  • Drowsy Driving – People are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving, but sadly, individuals who are impaired due to a lack of sleep or overall tiredness are just as deadly on our nation’s roads. Contributing to the issue is the fact that most people think it’s no big deal to get in their cars when they are sleepy. About 100 million people (51% of the population) have admitted that they have driven their cars when drowsy while 17% of America have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Perhaps this is why sleep deprived motorists are responsible for billions of dollars of financial losses as well as over 1,500 deaths and 70,000 injuries a year.

Determining Accident Fault

Following an accident, a traffic collision report is often the most critical element used in determining fault. These reports are put together by police/highway patrol. They are a collection of facts, statements, and other data that has been gathered. In most cases, these reports are accurate and trustworthy, but from time-to-time an experienced attorney can identify problems with the report or considerations that were not made when the report was put together – issues like defective brakes or hazardous roadways. Again, you do not want to discuss fault until you have spoken with an accident attorney. If you have been in an accident and police responded to the accident scene, but you have not yet obtained an accident report, you can request a free accident report here.

Because fault in an accident is not always immediately clear, it is critical that you allow your attorney to review the facts of your case before discussing accident responsibility with your insurance company or the insurance company of the other parties involved.

Dealing with Auto Accident Insurance Companies

Their Insurance Company (Defendant’s)

The defendant’s insurance company is responsible for covering the costs for damages in an accident. If they can show that their insured was not responsible (or only responsible in part) for the accident, they are no longer on the hook for some or all of the damages. For this reason, these large multi-billion dollar companies send in their team of attorneys to threaten, bully and coerce the unsuspecting victims of an accident into taking some or all of the responsibility for your accident. Do not speak to the other party’s insurance provider – allow your attorneys at TorkLaw do this on your behalf to keep your interests protected.

Low-Ball Offers

When an insurance company recognizes that an accident victim is not being represented by a competent attorney, they will attempt to throw a low-ball offer at the plaintiff in the hope that they will accept the offer with minimal exposure to the insurance company. Unfortunately, these offers can be substantially below what they should be and not even enough to cover the cost(s) incurred as a result of the accident. The Torkzadeh Law Firm team helps you recover everything that is available to you to cover both current, future and potential future costs. We will work to get you covered for medical care, property damage, lost wages, diminished future earnings, pain and suffering, and other costs.

Your Insurance Company (Plaintiff’s)

Your insurance company is supposed to be on your side. It should be their responsibility to protect your interests, however, your interests and theirs are not always aligned. There are scenarios when they may not be helpful to you.

When Your Insurance Company is not Your Advocate

When your insurer is the same as the defendant’s. It often occurs that both the defendant and the plaintiff are insured by the same company. When this happens, the insurance company’s interest is to mitigate their exposure. They will utilize the same bullying tactics that the defendant’s insurance company will.

When your insurer provides Uninsured Motorist Coverage. If your policy includes Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage, your insurance company may try to gloss over this entitlement. Employing an attorney that knows and understands the insurance industry will help you get all that you are entitled to.

There are other scenarios when dealing with your own insurance company can cause problems for you. Consulting with a law firm that specializes in car accidents can help protect your interests.

Assessing Liability

So, how can an innocent victim of a horrific crash prove that the other driver is responsible for their injuries and hold them accountable for their actions?

There are many things the injured party can do to establish a strong personal injury or wrongful death case, but it will start with hiring experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.  With the right personal injury attorney at your side, you can obtain information that will increase the odds of winning your lawsuit and obtaining the compensation  you deserve.

These seasoned professionals most often utilize the services of accident reconstruction experts who can determine the cause of the accident using physics and the infallible tools of science. Thorough investigation can also procure the statements of eyewitnesses or even videotape evidence that backs up your claims.

But what if you contributed to your accident in some small way?

You may still be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries under comparative negligence legislation.

Under comparative negligence laws, a jury would examine the evidence to calculate percentages of liability. If you were only 15% responsible of the wreck and the other driver as 85% negligent, the other driver would have to compensate you. While you may not receive the kind of reparations that comes with complete innocence, some money is better than none when it comes to paying off mounting medical bills.

Learn more about liability here.

Hold the Negligent Party Responsible

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, the car accident attorneys at TorkLaw are here to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Our highly experienced team of attorneys know what it takes to help you recover every award that is available to you. Aggressive litigators – we will fight to see you compensated for injuries sustained, medical bills acquired, potential long-term care costs, repair or replacement of damaged property, pain and suffering, lost wages and diminished future earnings.

Don’t let your accident set you back from living a full life. Retain our services now, to put our team of attorneys to work for you. Once retained, we will investigate your accident, collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies and ultimately hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. We will do everything in our power to return your life to an as-good or better position than what you were in before your accidents.

It is our goal to help you fully recover, following your car accident. Call us today at (888) 845-9696 or fill out our online consultation request form, and a member of our team will contact you promptly.

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