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Thanksgiving 2008 Traffic Statistics

Thanksgiving 2008 Traffic Statistics

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Every year during Thanksgiving weekend, there are numerous traffic accidents throughout California.  Some are alcohol-related and others are just tragic accidents.

The California Highway Patrol has released statistics for this year’s Thanksgiving weekend.  These traffic incidents are preliminary and a final report will be released on Monday.

Statewide, in California, there were 15 traffic deaths between Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Friday at 6 a.m.  Last year, there were 12 deaths resulting from traffic accidents throughoug the state.

The CHP also reported a total of 5 traffic accident deaths throughout Los Angeles County.  Last year’s total traffic accident death toll was 4.

The CHP arrested 513 people on suspicion of drunk driving throughout the state with 116 of them being in Los Angeles County.  Last year’s drunk driving arrests in Los Angeles County were 144.

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