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5 Types Of Accidents That Can Change Your Whole Life

While all types of accidents are bad, there’s some that can absolutely turn your life upside down. Few people realize how much of your life can be affected by a single accident injury. Some types of accidents have the power to take over your entire life.

5. Airbag Deployment

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Airbags will save your life, but there’s some serious downsides to them. Of course there’s the Takata airbags that have been found defective, and have been seriously injuring people and even killing them. Even when they’re not the defective kind, an airbag deploying is a loud explosion going off in your face while your head is being jerked violently. You can actually lose your hearing from a situation like this, and it’s usually permanent.

4. Dog Bites & Attacks


The interesting thing about dog bites is that the law does not distinguish between breeds. Whether the bite came from a pit bull, a rottweiler, or a toy poodle — it’s all the same in the eyes of the law. The owner is almost always liable, regardless of breed or history. However, some dogs can pack a pretty serious bite. Dog bites to the face or neck can cause permanent disfigurement, often requiring major reconstructive surgery. Torso and limb bites carry with them the risk of serious nerve damage, and even loss of the limb. Even if a dog “has never been vicious before”, owners are liable when their dog bites anyone.

3. Simply Crossing The Street

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Pedestrian accidents are nothing to scoff at. Almost daily, we hear about pedestrians being injured and often killed. It’s one of the most common accidents out there, and proportionately speaking, one of the most catastrophic. People struck by cars can lose the loss of their legs or arms, suffer severe brain damage, and are often left with serious psychological trauma. Most of the time, pedestrian accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention, or texting while driving.

2. Having A Medical Device Implanted

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These happen far more often than anyone really ought to be okay with. Faulty medical devices find their way into people all the time, and it can rob you of your quality of life from top to bottom. Whether it’s a metal hip implant that corrodes and leaks poison into you, or a medication with life-altering side effects nobody told you about — this can be huge. Thousands of medical devices have been found to have flawed designs, and the effects can make your life exceedingly difficult for long periods, or even forever.

1. Bicycle Accidents

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The amount of preventable injuries to cyclists that happen each year is absolutely mind-boggling. When car meets bike, the car will always win, and the cyclist will end up seriously injured or killed. Cyclists who are struck by cars face a wide variety of injuries like head trauma and the accompanying Traumatic Brain Injury, serious injuries to their limbs, neck, or back, and even paralysis.  The car often escapes with some minor paint damage, or even a dent. The cyclist is lucky to escape with their life.

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