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Auto Insurance Accident Claims – Shocking Study

Auto Insurance Accident Claims – Shocking Study

If you have been in a car accident, motorcycle accident or any other motor vehicle accident for which you have insurance coverage, collecting from your insurance for damages to your car or motorcycle can be more complex and difficult than ever expected.

CNN recently conducted an 18-month investigation and their findings are shocking to the average consumer – who now pays higher insurance premiums than any other time in our history.

Here are some interesting parts of the article:

“The result has been billions in profits for insurance companies and little, if anything, for the public, according to University of Nevada insurance law professor Jeff Stempel.”

Shannon Kmatz, a police officer and former Allstate claims agent, said “company employees were encouraged to get rid of claims quickly and cheaply and even offered accident victims as little as $50, telling them to take it or leave it.”

Basically, insurance companies have an unlimited amount of resources, and their main concern is profits rather than the well being of their customers. Insurance Companies are willing to exhaust every avenue to prevent their policy holders from collecting for legitimate claims. This is a must read article.

Here is the link to the entire article at CNN

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