Governor Bans Semi’s after Fatal Crash Angeles Crest Highway

Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law today that banned big rigs and semi trucks from a portion of Angeles Crest Highway.  The move came five months after a runaway truck lost its brakes on a steep incline,  hurtled down the road an crashed into several cars  as well as a bookstore in La Canada Flintridge.  A father and daughter were killed and 12 others were injured.  A temporary ban on the semis was imposed but after data was collected that indicated a large number of these types of accidents occur on a regular basis on Angeles Crest, lawmakers moved to make the ban permanent.

Doubling the tragedies of the lives lost on Angeles Crest Highway is the fact that  defective auto parts are to blame for many.  Truck maker have to do build vehicles with the commercial trucks demanding needs in mind.  This means making sure the truck has brakes that will work as promised. Far too often, automakers forgo safety in an effort to cut costs.

This is why family members who have lost loved ones can take the matter to court via product liability laws. Such a lawsuit holds automakers’ accountable when someone dies or is injured because their products cease to function properly.  If a loved one has died because of a manufacturer’s negligence, contact us  at  (888) 845-9696 to speak with a reputable wrongful death lawyer. They will help answer peritnent legal questions and hopefully put you on the road of obtaining justice for your injured or lost loved one.

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