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Bicycle Summer Safety Tips

Bicycle Summer Safety Tips

58Now that school is out in summer is in full swing, the number of bicycle accidents in Southern California is likely to increase. According to the California Highway Patrol, bicycle accidents are most commonly caused by:

  • An automobile making an unsafe turn into a bike;
  • A driver opening a car door as a cyclist is riding by;
  • A bicycle traveling against traffic; and
  • Bicycles without proper safety equipment, such as reflectors.

The CHP recommends that cyclists review these rules of the road to help prevent accidents.

  1. Stay to the right unless you are passing or making a left turn.
  2. Use of the bike lane when one is provided.
  3. Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
  4. Make sure your brakes are working properly.
  5. Use hand signals before you turn or stop.
  6. Always wear a helmet.

If you ride your bike at night, it must be equipped with a white head lamp, a red rear reflector, pedal reflectors and side tire reflectors. Secure your hair with a clip or elastic band to keep your line of sight open, and secure your pant leg so it doesn’t get caught in your chain. Finally, perform regular bicycle maintenance to make sure your gears are working properly, your spokes aren’t loose and your tires are properly inflated.

These bicycle safety tips can help you avoid an accident this summer. However, when cars and bikes collide, the car usually wins. If you are injured in a bicycle accident this summer, schedule a free consultation appointment with the professionals at TorkLaw.

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