When Should You Take The Step To Hire An Attorney After A Bike Accident?

Bicycles have become a popular mode of transportation, especially in cities with a lot of vehicular traffic.Their lightweight and slim builds can easily cruise between cars and other vehicles, making the travel to work and other places faster. Bicycles are also an environmentally friendly transportation as they have little to no carbon footprint. However, cyclists are not spared from the dangers on the roads.

Unfortunately, riding a bike does not shield you from the dangers of the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report in June 2019 regarding cyclist fatalities in 2017. In that year, there were 783 cyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes and most of them happened in urban areas. These crashes also tended to occur during rush hour when most people were traveling between home and work. In 2017, the state of California had the second most cyclist fatalities with 124. Only Florida, with 125 fatalities, had more.

No one wants to be involved in a bicycle accident. But when it happens, how do you know the right time to hire an attorney?

When should you hire a bicycle accident attorney?

Depending on the situation, you might be the one who caused the accident or you might be the victim who sustained injuries or damages. If it is the latter, it is highly recommended to hire an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. If there are only minor damages to your vehicle, you probably will not need a lawyer and just opt to settle the claim with the other party involved. 

Here are some scenarios where you should consider hiring a bicycle accident attorney:

  1. You have sustained major injuries from the crash or accident. If you suffered serious injuries such as a concussion, bone fractures, or other injuries which may need surgery, you should seek the assistance of an attorney. Medical bills can become very expensive and an attorney can help you negotiate with your insurance company to receive appropriate compensation.
  2. Your insurance company wants to reduce your compensation. Insurance companies do not like to pay expensive claims and they will look for ways to reduce them. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will make sure that you will be given the right compensation and will be ready to fight your claim with the insurance company.
  3. Your insurance company denies your claim. There are some cases where an insurance company denies a claim for various reasons such as the inability to prove liability or injury denial. When you know that you have the right to be compensated, an attorney can help. 
  4. You need to determine fault for your accident. If you are having problems identifying liability or fault for your accident, a bicycle accident attorney can help you determine the one at fault especially if your accident involves multiple parties. 
  5. You have questions regarding your claim or compensation. A knowledgeable attorney will provide you a rough estimate of your compensation and explain the factors used to determine that amount. An attorney will also explain the legal process and give you guidance along the way. 

Get the help you need after an accident

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, the best time to hire an attorney is as soon as possible. TorkLaw has experienced bicycle accident attorneys which are ready to assist you with your personal injury needs. Your recovery is our priority so leave the legal work to us and focus on getting better.

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