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5 Bicycle Safety Accessories That Are Worth The Extra Money

It’s no question that bicycle safety is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that getting hurt is really, really, really bad. There’s a number of accessories out there that can either prevent injury, protect you in the case of, or both. While a lot of them require a small outlay of money, in the end — your safety and protection is worth it.

5. Headlights & Tailights

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First of all, using lights on your bike isn’t just a good idea — it’s the lawCalifornia Vehicle Code requires all bikes to have a white light up front, and a red one in the back. These increase visibility not only at night, but in the daytime. Having a flashing red light in the back improves your visibility to cars while making turns or moving in and out of the lane. These are not accessories to skimp on, either. A durable, bright, and reliable set of lights are worth the extra money. Some models are even rechargeable with a miniUSB cord, eliminating the dead battery issue.

4. Identification Bracelet


These are insanely affordable and almost indispensable when riding alone or on unfamiliar routes. They come laser engraved with your name, emergency contact phone numbers, vital medical information, and your hometown. Some will even come with a web address with your most current medical records. First responders aren’t going to take the time to go through your phone contacts for “ICE” numbers, no matter what you read in an email. In fact, your phone is usually locked, anyway. These bracelets are absolutely worth every penny and could save your life. (These are also great for motorcyclists and even if you’re driving alone)

3. A (Well Made) Helmet

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It should really go without saying that if you’re going to be on a bike, a helmet needs to be on your head. However, if you’re going to put a helmet on your head, you want to make sure it’s a good one. This is another area where it’s not smart to skimp. Remember that in an accident of any speed, the only thing between the concrete and your brain, is a helmet. It’s cool to have one that looks nice, but you want to go ahead and spend the extra money on a well-made helmet that will keep your think-bucket intact in case of a bad spill. Your brain works best when it’s inside your head, after all.

2. Helmet/Handlebar Mounted Camera

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While these can’t prevent an accident, you’d better believe they’ll protect you in the event of one. If a car cuts you off, pulls out in front of you, sideswipes you, or does anything to cause an accident — you have a record of it. This eliminates the he said/she said issue, and gives police and your insurance company a perfect record of exactly what happened. Plus, with the alarming rise in driver vs. cyclist aggression, these are indispensable in cases of road rage and intentional collisions (which sadly, are a thing.)

1. Reflective Leg/Ankle Bands

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These serve double duty, and should be a part of your regular cycling gear — day or night. They fit around your lower leg, usually with some sort of velcro, and are coated in a highly reflective material. At night, they work by reflecting off of the headlights of approaching cars, creating a flashing effect as your feet move through the pedal strokes. This makes you that much more visible at night. Also, they work to keep your pants legs out of the pedal cranks and chains, preventing the nasty injuries that come from getting pants snagged up in the gears and other moving parts.

Bicycle accidents can cause devastating injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Use our form below to speak with a lawyer who can explain your rights.

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