5 Terrifying Realities Commuter Cyclists Face

More and more people are taking their bike to work. While commuter cyclists enjoy many benefits from their rides, you’d be amazed to learn how many hazards they face.

5. Many Motorists Don’t Watch For Cyclists (Or Think They Have To)



It’s frightening to read how many cycling-related accidents involve drivers who “never saw them coming.” Even though the law states cyclists are afforded the same rights and prohibitions as cars, this is often ignored. Many drivers mistakenly think it is the cyclist’s job to watch for them, when in reality — it’s everyone’s job to watch for each other.

4. Cars Will Cut A Cyclist Off To Make A Right Turn (Despite Seeing Them)


Richard Masoner

Right turns in traffic are often the scariest part of a commuter cyclist’s existence. Whether in the bike lane or in a right turn lane, drivers will cut right across a cyclist’s path to turn. A bike lane extends into the right turn lane, which is the safest place for a cyclist to ride. Many drivers don’t care and will speed up to pass, then cut the cyclist off — to prove a point. This is how accidents happen.

3. Drivers (Mistakenly) View Cyclists As Invaders On Their Road



There’s not a cyclist alive that hasn’t been subjected to a driver yelling at them to “get on the sidewalk.” The problem with this is that riding on the sidewalk is unsafe and in most cities — illegal. Bicycles are not only allowed, but required to ride in the roadway. An alarming number of drivers will hit cyclists on purpose, which is of course a crime. A quick perusal of Twitter will reveal a shocking number of drivers actually admitting to doing this — and believing they were justified.

2. Drivers Who Have No Idea What The Arm Signals Mean



No matter what a cyclist does to signal they’re turning, there’s always a driver that insists they had no idea. Cyclists are required to use arm signals while on the road, just as a car would use turn signals. It’s terrifying, but many drivers don’t know what these signals mean. A cyclist can go out of their way to be safe, and end up being hit by a driver who forgot the basics.

1. Many Drivers Ignore The “Three-Feet For Safety” Law

three feet for safety


Starting in 2014, California drivers have been required to remain three feet from a cyclist when possible. This happens rarely, and commuter cyclists often find themselves being passed closely enough to smell the car’s air freshener. Being passed that closely while in traffic ranks close to the Alpe d’Huez descent on the scale of terrifying things you can do on a bike.

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