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Product Recall Roundup

Product Recall Roundup

Product RecallsJune has been a busy month for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, with the federal agency announcing six product recalls during the first week of this month:

  • A signaling device that scuba divers use to indicate they are in trouble was recalled because it reduces the diver’s air flow and creates a drowning risk.
  • IKEA recalled a jumbo teacup that breaks when you pour hot liquid into it.
  • A knife maker recalled a machete that was so sharp, it sliced through the sheath that held it.
  • A metal halide lamp was recalled because defective wiring caused it to arc and catch fire.
  • A vitamin maker recalled iron supplements that were packaged in non-child-resistant containers.
  • A decorative box promoting “effective collaboration” was recalled because it contained small, high-powered magnets that, if swallowed, can damage children’s intestines and internal tissues.

The Recall Process

The CPSC works with manufacturers of dangerous and defective products to remove the hazardous items from the marketplace. The federal government can enforce civil and criminal penalties against a manufacturer that refuses to cooperate with the recall process.

Manufacturers that cooperate with the CPSC place ads in newspapers and on websites to raise awareness that a product is dangerous and should be returned for a refund or thrown away. However, many consumers don’t see the ads and may never know that the item they bought is hazardous. In addition, although it’s illegal to resell a recalled product, an innocent buyer may unwittingly sell a risky product at a garage sale, pass it on to a family member or donate it to charity.

Defective products are dangerous. The experienced professionals at TorkLaw can help you understand what your rights are if a product you purchased has been recalled.

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