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FDA Warns That Zicam Nasal Spray Causes Loss of Smell

FDA Warns That Zicam Nasal Spray Causes Loss of Smell

According to the FDA, Zicam, a popular nasal gel that aids in the reduction of cold symptoms, can drastically reduce your sense of smell if not eradicate it permanently. Zicam, along with similar over the counter nasal sprays containing Zinc, have been linked to at least 130 reported cases  of smell loss since 1999.  The condition is potentially life threatening as it can make it impossible for individuals to smell gas leaks of something burning.  For many the condition is irreversible.

The FDA has ordered Matrixx Initiatives , the products manufacturers, to remove  their merchandise from store shelves.  Among the products to be removed are adult and children Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs. Although Matrixx Initiatives claims that their products cannot destroy the sense of smell, the fact that there is a causal link to Zicam and 130 cases of smell loss is significant, especially since this is not a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, many manufactures try to shirk their responsibility when they cause injury to consumers. That is why it pays to have a reliable product liability lawyer on your side when a business fails to protect the general public.  If you have been hurt by a product that was deemed to be safe, you have the ability to recover damages.  Contact us to discuss your case and see what steps you can take to recover momentary damages for your injuries.

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