Another Southern California summer is in full swing, with residents heading for the swimming pools to get relief from the summer heat. Unfortunately, all that swimming can lead to swimming pool injuries. Pools are dangerous As fun as swimming pools can be, injuries and deaths regularly take place in them. Some accidents happen during ordinary pool use, and others happen when children have access to pools because the pool owner hasn't taken safeguards to secure the swimming ... read more >>

TorkLaw's DON'T BE A DUMMY CAMPAIGN raises awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. We want Southern California drivers to know that using mobile devices while driving can increase the risk of a car accident that could result in injury or even death. New research suggests that texting or using a cell phone while merely walking down the street can also be hazardous to your health. In a 2011 report, the US Consumer Product Safety ... read more >>

Now that school is out in summer is in full swing, the number of bicycle accidents in Southern California is likely to increase. According to the California Highway Patrol, bicycle accidents are most commonly caused by: An automobile making an unsafe turn into a bike; A driver opening a car door as a cyclist is riding by; A bicycle traveling against traffic; and Bicycles without proper safety equipment, such as reflectors. The CHP recommends that cyclists review these rules of ... read more >>

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, with its picnics and fireworks. While fireworks displays are beautiful and patriotic, they can also cause serious injuries if they don't work or aren't used properly. According to a report published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, children are particularly vulnerable to injuries from fireworks. About 45% of the fireworks injuries reported each year involve children with eye injuries that could result in permanent vision loss. Adult males run ... read more >>

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  A time to get together with family and friends and celebrate all the things we have to be thankful for.  We  want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with a few tips to enjoy the long weekend with safety first. No Drinking and Driving:  While many people will be hosting parties, it may seem easier just to have a few drinks and drive than it is to leave your car and ... read more >>

This Fourth of July, when celebrating our Independence Day, most of us will be enjoying the company of family, friends and neighbors. Whether at the beach or pool, barbeque or pot luck, here are some tips and information to make it a safe and memorable weekend. 1. Personal Fireworks: Every year, there are more than 9,000 fireworks-related injuries. The majority of these happen to children under the age of 14. Often times these injuries can range ... read more >>

Bicycle Safety in Los Angeles As a bike rider and cyclist sharing the roads with cars and other motor vehicles, there are many hazards and road conditions that can present a dangerous riding experience. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, there have been more than 49,000 bicyclist deaths in traffic accidents in the United States since 1932. In 2004, 725 bicyclist were killed In 2004, 41,000 bicyclist were injured in traffic accidents Cycling is one ... read more >>

Fireworks, barbeques, family and friends! Today is Independence Day. A celebration worthy of such festivities. However, it is also one of the deadliest days to drive in California. With alcohol playing the major role in this statistic, it is important to recognize your surroundings, plan ahead and party safe. 1. Don't drink and drive. Either drink or choose to drive. DO NOT DO BOTH. By planning ahead, ... read more >>