5 Public Places that Are Nowhere Near as Safe as You Thought

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When you go out in public, there are places where you feel relatively safe — but many of these places have hidden risks.
5. Fights Aren’t the Only Way to Be Hurt at the Club
public places - nightclub injuries
It makes sense that public places that mix alcohol and large groups of people would be somewhat hazardous, but when you mix in negligent club owners, they become minefields.

Being injured in a fight at a club is a common injury, and the club’s management may be liable if security was lax. There have also deaths and injuries from nightclub fires because the management allowed the club to be over capacity, or had insufficiently marked or locked exit doors. Even a spilled drink is a slip and fall hazard, if the management doesn’t clean it up in a timely manner.

4. Cruise Ships Can Make You Sick, Injured, or Very Uncomfortable

public places - cruise ship injury

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Cruise ships are fun. However, it is common for passengers to contract contagious illnesses like coronavirus or food-borne illnesses. Injuries may also occur due to slippery flooring, raised thresholds in doorways, poorly placed equipment, maintained walkways and stairs, and even assaults from crew members.
3. You Can Leave The Hospital Sicker Than When You Came In
public hospital risk
Estimates say that roughly 440,000 people die every year from preventable hospital mistakes, and an uncountable number end up (more) sick or injured from their stay. Not only are there diseases you can catch in the hospital — that pesky Norovirus again, as well as pneumonia, various forms of Staphylococcus and bacterial infections that are especially resistant to antibiotics. Not to mention defective medical implants and devices.
2. Regulations on Party Buses Are Nearly Non-Existent 


The party bus industry gets the fun started on your way to your event or destination, and keeps it going all the way home. They’re regulated as common carriers, like limousines, even though they are typically equipped with stripper poles, dance floors, nightclub lighting, and, of course, alcohol. As you can imagine, this combination often results in passenger injuries and even deaths.
1. It’s Not Only the Parking Lot Carnival that Has Shady Rides
public places - amusement park injuries
Injuries at amusement parks are far more common than you probably are comfortable thinking about. Not only do rides break due to poor maintenance, but you also have all the slip and fall types of hazards that you have everywhere else.
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