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Negligent Security

There are many situations in which negligent security results in injury or death. One of the most common is in parking lots: of apartments, shopping centers, or stadiums. Many people contact negligent security lawyers after nightclub injuries, either due to a lack of security or the club management’s lack of training and policies to actively prevent serious injury or death to customers.

What Negligent Security Lawyers Can Do for You

To prevail in a lawsuit against an entity for negligent security, it is necessary to prove that the entity responsible for the safety of tenants or patrons did not properly maintain the premises in a way that deterred criminals from assaulting or robbing them. Generally, that means proving previous tenants/customers had been assaulted, robbed, kidnapped, etc., due to negligent security. However, where the apartment building or shopping center is in a high crime area, this may not be necessary to prove.

Defining Adequate Security

Adequate security does not necessarily mean having a guard on duty 24/7. However, it does require the property owner or manager to provide adequate lighting and other devices, such as surveillance cameras, to deter potential criminals from assaulting, robbing, or kidnapping a tenant or shopper.

Stadium Injuries

Another example of the duty to provide adequate security is the sports stadiums where football, baseball, ice hockey, and other sports are played. If a person goes to a game wearing the opposing team’s jersey, hometown fans may become inebriated and assault the other team’s fan. If stadium security personnel do not act swiftly to quell a potentially violent situation and protect the fan, the stadium owners may be liable for the injuries.

Negligent Security Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

If you have been seriously injured or a loved one was killed due to the negligent security of an apartment building, shopping center, sports stadium, or other venue, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to receive maximum compensation from the defendant who failed to provide adequate security. TorkLaw offers free consultations – call us now: 888.845.9696.

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