Bad Faith Insurance -You’re Entitled to Compensation

As Washington tries to overhaul the health-care industry it appears that there is yet another insurance related trade that is grossly in need of  makeover. Indeed, for years auto insurance companies have taken advantage of policy holders, holding out on payment in situations where it is abundantly clear that the accident victim is in dire need of assistance.  Technically speaking, people who come up against this type of resistance are considered to have bad faith insurance.

What many consumers do not know is that they have a right to prompt and adequate assistance under the law when they have a legitimate claim.  Sadly, adjusters are trained with the mindset that everyone is trying to get over.  While there are those who do try to milk the system after an auto accident,  nine times out of ten, the claim is legitimate.

This does not deter insurance adjusters from treating all claimants like potential criminals. Many will go so far as to find legal loopholes that deny financial compensation to individuals they know to be truly injured.  When such  instances occur, bad faith insurance companies will  try their best to intimidate an accident survivor and make them feel as if they have no recourse but to accept whatever the insurance company dishes out.

Far too often, people  take the insurance company’s word for it and fail to fight for their rights.

You are entitled  to compensation

A bad faith insurance company is only looking after its own best interest.  This means they will do what it takes to protect their company’s bottom line.  This often leaves innocent motorists holding the bag and places them at risk for losing their life savings in order to pay off medical related costs.

Do not fool yourself into thinking this cannot happen to you.  It doesn’t matter how faithfully you have paid or for how long–bad faith insurance companies will try their best to shaft you every time.

Got a big name insurance policy?  Again this doesn’t mean a thing.  Many well known insurance companies  like All State and State Farm top the list in regards to failing to honor their insurance policies–in other words, a famed company can  be a bad faith insurance provider as well as anyone else.

What you can do

Sometimes it can be hard to prove that your insurer is enacting bad faith insurance policies. In the easier cases, a policy holder canconfirm that  their claim was turned down for reason not specified in their contracts
via  written communique.  One may also be able to provide documentation that indicates their a claim wasn’t even processed.

Still, it takes a practiced eye to look over the case and  assess if it falls under potential bad faith insurance law.

Fight back…

Insurance companies have an obligation to provide assistance to legitimately injured motorist they according to law. This also  includes providing assistance  promptly and properly.
If you feel an insurance company has illegally given you the shaft you do have rights and can fight back!

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