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3 Ways Construction Sites Are More Dangerous Than You Thought

One of the most important things in any American city, is the construction site. It means there’s progress and growth, and that your city is going somewhere. However, things can get pretty scary on-site. Construction site accidents you never thought can happen, do.


3. People Have Had Equipment And Materials Fall On Them While Simply Walking By

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It sounds like something straight out of Final Destination, but it’s reality.  No matter how many protective walkways, or warning signs are set up — this happens. A beam, a bucket, a tool, anything could be dropped and hit someone who was simply walking down the street. These are shockingly common. In New York City alone, 2015 saw an average of one passerby injury a month.


2. There’s A Whole Lot Of People On A Jobsite And Each One Could Be Negligent

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Think about it, there’s a lot of people on a construction site. Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, foremen, architects, crane operators… the list goes on. Each one of those human beings are in fact… human beings. Human beings are prone to imperfections, and of all those people on the jobsite, each one has the possibility to mess up. At some point, someone on that jobsite will be tired, have the wrong training, lose concentration, or any other type of massive mistake that can cause an accident. Those are just the odds.


1. There’s Always Corners To Be Cut (And They’re Often Cut)

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That’s not to say that the company in charge of that particular construction job is being shady, but they do often try to save a buck. Things like underskilled or non-union laborers, having workers use equipment they’re not necessarily proficient in, overworking certain shifts, and others.  These might be cost-saving, but in the end they do create a dangerous environment. Workers and bystanders can often be in danger because of a the desire to cut costs and bid low.


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