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Tire Recall: Westlake, Compass, Telluride, YKS

Tire Recall: Westlake, Compass, Telluride, YKS

Last week, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered the recall of as many as 450,000 tires sold in the U.S. An inspection of the tires found that the tires were manufactured with insufficient strips to prevent the tread from peeling off the tire. This is similar to the Firestone/Bridgestone tire recall in 2000 where the two companies recalled over 6.5 million tires as a result of 148 deaths and more than 500 injuries.

The NHTSA has cited the new recall as “failing to comply with the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 119.”**

The recalled tires were sold under at least four brand names Compass, Telluride, Westlake and YKS in sizes LT235/75R-15; LT225/75R-16; LT235/85R-16; LT245/75R-16; LT265/75R-16; and LT3X10.5-15. It is reported that the tires have been sold in Los Angeles, California at Tireco, San Diego, CA at K&D Tire Wholesalers among other retailers across the country.

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**Standard No. 119 – New Pneumatic Tires – Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Trailers, and Motorcycles (Effective 3-1-75)
This standard establishes performance and marking requirements for tires for use on multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, and motorcycles. Its purpose is to provide safe operational performance levels for tires used on motor vehicles other than passenger cars, and to place sufficient information on the tires to permit their proper selection and use.

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