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California Consumer Protection Legislation: AB 496 Tire Disclosure

California Consumer Protection Legislation: AB 496 Tire Disclosure

Tire-related accidents are an extremely common and cause serious and catastrophic injuries. Assembly Bill 496 by Assembly member Mike Davis (D-Los Angeles) requires tire dealers to disclose the age of a tire before selling it.  The bill, is formally named Tire age degradation: consumer disclosure would require tire leaders to notify purchasers of the age and risks of purchasing tires before selling them to the buyer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared “tire aging a serious safety issue.” In fact, 84% of tire-related accidents involve tires that were at least six years old. Adhesives and rubber used to make tires silently and invisibly degrade over time, greatly increasing the chances of tread separation. But because this danger is unseen, most consumers don’t know about it until it’s too late. Just like tow truck driver Ramon Moreno. Moreno listened to a tire dealer when he recommended using the spare tire that came with his 12-year-old Ford Explorer. But even though the tire looked safe, it was anything but. The tread separated, causing a devastating accident. Although all the occupants where wearing seat belts, his 10-year-old cousin died. AB 496 is supported by ASFCME, Safety Research & Strategies, Inc. and Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS). At a recent press conference, Moreno pleaded with law makers to pass AB 496 bill and “save other people’s lives.”

Please pass this important legislation.

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