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Injury & Accident Related Articles

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Car Accident in Parking lot

What To Do After A Car Accident In A Parking Lot

In a typical parking lot, cars, pedestrians, and shopping carts are moving in every direction. Drivers may be distracted by a variety of factors, including stressful errands, noisy children, or their own cell phones. It is estimated that around 20% of all reported vehicle accidents occur...

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Drowsy Driving Accident Lawyers

Truck Drivers: Why Drive Sleep Deprived?

The trucking industry moves all sorts of goods across the country, from agricultural products to zinc ore. Truck drivers perform a crucial task in our society, but the demanding, deadline-oriented nature of their job means that many are chronically sleep deprived, and at high risk...

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Attorney by car accident in front of Hertz

Rental Car Accidents with Hertz

In a previous piece, we spoke at length about Enterprise Rent-A-Car accidents. But Enterprise is not the only relevant rental car company; if you borrow a rental car in America, you’re also quite likely to find yourself behind the wheel of a Hertz rental. Founded...

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