Man Is Thrown Onto Freeway In Long Beach Accident

One man is dead after his pickup truck was thrown from a bridge onto a Long Beach freeway. The vehicle plunged off the a bridge over top of the Freeway, just barely missing two cars in the 45 foot fall. The 38-year-old man died of head and chest injuries at around 6pm on Wednesday, only a short period after the Long Beach accident itself occurred. According to Long Beach Fire Department, the pickup truck was found on Freeway 710 with two occupants trapped within. Firefighters were successful tin removing both occupants using the Jaws of Life, and an injured female passenger was taken to a hospital though the man died at the scene. Northbound onramps were closed while officials took care of the accident.

A strand of fortunate timing saved this already unfortunate accident from involving additional vehicles, making it a single vehicle accident rather than a more serious one. However, accidents of this kind may still be a significant legal bearing. When handling a single vehicle accident, we strongly advise that you receive help from a lawyer to discuss the accident itself and the legal information of importance. To receive a free consultation, call our law offices in Los Angeles at 310.882.6810.

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