Truck Collides With SUV Carrying 25 Passengers – 13 Dead

in San Diego

HOLTVILLE, CA — According to officials, at least thirteen people were killed and several others injured after a big rig tractor-trailer collided with an SUV carrying 25 people.

The accident happened Tuesday morning, March 2nd, 2021 at approximately 6:15 a.m. The location of the accident was Highway 115 at Norrish Road in Holtville, California – a city located about 125 miles east of San Diego and about 15 miles north of the Mexico border.

The California Highway Patrol, reports that a Ford Expedition transporting more than two dozen people, collided with a gravel filled tractor-trailer. Typically Expeditions seat eight or nine people, but in this incident, there were many more passengers – ranging in age from 15 – 53.

The accident is under investigation. At this time, it is still unclear why the vehicle had so many occupants, or how it found itself in the path of the large truck. What is known, is that the commercial truck struck the left side of the SUV, and that with the exception of the driver and front passenger seat, all other interior seats had been removed, leaving no seats or seat belts for the other occupants.

Regardless of who is responsible, our hearts go out to all involved in this tragedy. For those who have been hurt or who have lost loved ones, please accept our deepest sympathies. If we can ever be of service to any of you, our team of local truck accident lawyers are here for you.

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