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With a density of 4,441 people per square mile, San Diego is California’s second-largest city. Situated in San Diego County, the 2020 population of San Diego was estimated at 1,447,100. There are many different San Diego personal injury lawyers that could consult on a personal injury case. However, not many service San Diego and the surrounding areas like La Jolla, Mesa, Carlsbad, Santee, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, and so many more in San Diego County. The law offices of TorkLaw in San Diego offer case consultation and representation in these localities of Sand Diego County.

Personal Injury Tort and Burden of Proof

When an accident occurs, and injury is a result, especially when the negligence of someone else causes the injury, a personal injury claim can be filed. These types of claims are often called torts by legal professionals. When the victim of the accident files this claim, they now become the plaintiff, and the negligent party becomes the defendant.

It is not impossible to go into a personal injury case without legal representation, but it is not recommended. Studies have been conducted to show that those who try to take on a defendant in a personal liability lawsuit end up with lower settlements than those who obtain legal counsel.

Once a personal injury lawsuit has been filed, it becomes the responsibility of the plaintiff and their legal counsel to deliver the burden of proof to the court. The burden of proof is the evidence that supports the claim of negligence on the defendant.

What to Look for in San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers

Reputable personal injury lawyers in San Diego have traits that set them apart from the rest of the pack. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, some character traits should be put high on the list of characteristics to look for.

  • Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise
    • San Diego personal injury lawyers should know the areas they practice and have the track record of wins to back it up. Their wins show just how much expertise they have in the area of personal injury.
  • Honesty and Communication
    • A personal injury lawyer who is upfront about how the fees work and how they want to approach the case so that clients are not caught off guard shows their respect of their clients.
  • Genuine Care and Compassion
    • Even though they can fight in the courtroom, most of the reputable personal injury lawyers can show their clients that they care about them and their case, not just the paycheck at the end of it all.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid getting a personal injury lawyer is the fees. These lawyers work on what is called a contingency fee. A contingency fee contract is something that a client and the lawyer go over before the work on the case ever starts. This contract states that if the lawyer wins the case, they are entitled to a certain percentage of the awarded amount.

The average percentage for contingency fees is approximately 30% to 45% of the awarded amount. Making sure that disbursements are a part of the contract is beneficial too. Disbursements are something that the law firm pays for out of pocket for the case. Things like expert witnesses and medical reports fall into this category.

To some, the contingency fees seem too high, but personal injury lawyers often get more copious amounts out of the defendant and their insurance than if a client tried to execute the case on their own. Insurance companies are programmed to begin with the lowest settlement amounts, and these amounts are typically thousands below what the plaintiff is entitled to. Without a legal professional on their side, they may end up getting less than the case was worth.

Compensation San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue

Personal injury torts have different types of compensation that can be pursued as a result of the injuries sustained. Expert personal injury lawyers are going to fight to get as much of the compensation from the defense that they can to see that justice is served for the negligence their client has undergone.

The most common types of compensation include:

  • Medical expenses and lost wages
    • As a result of the injury due to the negligence of the defendant, the plaintiff likely underwent a lot of medical treatments and procedures. Medical bills, including physical therapy, can pile up as a result. If the plaintiff is unable to work, they may have lost not only the wages to support their family, but the medical insurance needed to help with those medical bills.
  • Pain, Suffering, and Other Emotional Distress
    • Some accidents that result in injury, or death, can be traumatic for the plaintiff or the surviving family members. The courts often look at the emotional toll that the family and the plaintiff had to go through, especially if it was a traumatic situation.
  • Punitive Damages
    • Punitive damages are awarded amounts that are like the fees assessed to the guilty party of a criminal case. These fees are supposed to help detour the defendant from acting in the same negligent way again. Sometimes, punitive damages are the only real closure a victim or their family will get due to the circumstances of the case.

Personal Injury Lawyers of TorkLaw

The personal injury lawyers at the San Diego office of TorkLaw have experience handling personal injury claims. The lawyers in this office offer expertise with the following types of cases:

The San Diego personal injury lawyers of TorkLaw offer free case consultations. They can be reached by phone toll-free at 888-845-9696 at any time that is convenient for you. If you or someone you love has been affected by the negligent acts of someone, call TorkLaw for a case consultation today for a better tomorrow.

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